Ohio school claims BigWind is COSTING the district $

BigWind is some of the most expensive energy on the planet.  We have argued this point for years, but the BigWind marketers are masterful at telling the public another story- and perception becomes reality.  Well, the reality is clear in this story.  If you remove the dozens of tax breaks, subsidies and advantages that BigWind receives, you will see energy that is triple the cost of our current generators. Additionally, BigWind is rife with mechanical failures, but these are often hidden from the public.  What appears to be a simple machine is actually a complex one with thousands of parts. How can we claim this? Read through our home page to learn more.  We have examined the electricity rates of countries, all over the world, where BigWind has been present longer than the USA. Their electricity rates are 3x ours! Denmark is a prime example.  Please inform YOUR legislator of this reality, because the legislators are being told an entirely different story by the BigWind lobbyists…

Ontario Local Schools is telling the company that owns the wind turbine at Stingel Elementary to fix the turbine or lose the schools’ business and remove the equipment.

The turbine has sat idle since November 2016, when its transformer stopped working.

Superintendent Lisa Carmichael said district residents regularly inquire about the turbine. They often suggest that when the turbine isn’t running, the district isn’t saving money.

But treasurer Randy Harvey said the opposite is true — the 6 to 7 percent of its energy Ontario buys from wind turbine company, Rock Road Wind, is more expensive than the remainder of the district’s energy, which it gets through Ohio Edison.

That’s one reason the district is refusing to approve a contract amendment proposed by Rock Road Wind under which the energy company would agree to replace the faulty transformer and the district would agree to keep buying power from Rock Road Wind for six more years after the current contract expires in about three years.

District board members unanimously voted Tuesday to reject the proposed contract amendment, saying the company is defaulting on the contract by failing to repair the turbine to keep it operational.

 According to the contract between the school district and Rock Road Wind, the wind energy company is responsible for maintenance and repairs throughout the 10-year period that the school district has agreed to buy power from the company.

Board members said they had no interest in extending the contract as use of the turbine is not saving the district money.

The savings the district has seen from the wind turbine project came not from the wind power itself, but from a connection switch change…

Source: Ontario schools address broken wind turbine