Senator Cliff Hite, why does BigWind always trump my property rights?

Ohio Senator, Cliff Hite, is proposing to reduce the BigWind setback, which is currently 1,125 feet from a property line. BigWind argues 2 points: the setback is too large and it should be from a residence, not a property line.  We have an important question to ask Senator Hite and the industry, “Why should YOUR rights supersede those of Ohio citizens?”  It seems to us, this is is bass akwards.  Additionally, a couple of arguments are easily made: #1 We have viewed hundreds of ordinances (all across the globe) and Ohio’s setback is NOT restrictive- there are plenty that are greater and in many cases, setbacks increase after an area has allowed BigWind to build there.  #2 Ohio law always establishes setbacks from the property line.  Let’s be consistent.   BigWind is getting significantly LARGER/TALLER/FASTER.  Each tower holds the equivalent of 3 buses on a stick that can spin well over 100 mph.  Shouldn’t Ohio residents be protected? Has our legislature forgotten that 1 of the turbines in N Van Wert blew apart its blades, very early after being turned on? Milo Schaffner reported that pieces flew approximately 1000 feet away from the tower.  Our setback does NOT account for the continued vertical rise of these industrial machines.  Our setback does NOT provide extra protections for a non-participating property owner (as below). Why does Senator Hite value the rights of BigWind OVER Ohio constituents?

A group of about 18 people attended the last Clay County Supervisor’s meeting, where they sought answers regarding planned wind turbines in Clay County….


An audience member in the back shouted out that 1,200 feet from a residence is the requirement in current Clay County ordinance….

“You can read through the county zoning ordinances that are talking about setbacks and some things like that and other issues that deal with those. You probably need to have your hands on those things,” Matthews said….


“Why should we suffer, and deal with the noise, and the lights? … I’ve put everything into my acreage, and now I don’t have the serenity of my acreage. My closest neighbor is a mile away, and for all of a sudden these windmills, 1,250 feet from my house, would be the most destructive thing imaginable. … I’m just sick to my stomach about it. I’m hoping that you guys can do something, if you can’t stop them, lets work on the setbacks away from our acreage. Let’s go study how close we can hear these things. If it’s three-quarters of a mile away and you can hear them, that’s too close to shove it next to a person like me. … The amount of people here is small because we’re a mile away from each other, but we gotta sit here and think about the setbacks and how close we shove them to people like me that are enjoying Clay County, our beautiful area, (because) to throw these in (will) ruin these acreages and in my mind end my life,” Lux said.

Janice Swanson, of the Coalition for Rural Property Rights, also made an appearance to the supervisor board to share information regarding current national changes in setbacks regarding wind turbines and raised concern over any rights infringement that wind turbines might cause for Clay County’s rural property owners….

Source: Community News: Citizens meet Supervisors over turbine concerns (4/18/17) | Storm Lake Pilot Tribune