BigWind tells Ohio legislators to move out of their way

We have warned of this tactic for some time.  BigWind wants to move in closer to you. The current setback in Ohio is 1,125 feet from a property line.  This setback is NOT unusual or restrictive, despite what the windustry tells us.  Most locations, where BigWind has presence for some time, setbacks are usually INcreased- as the public becomes aware of the problems associated with living near these industrial machines.  Are you still not convinced? Then consider this….a 400 foot high industrial wind turbine is placed beside your homestead.  At times it is annoying, with noise and shadows. Ice flys in the winter. A short number of years later, well before the turbine is ‘supposed’ to be useless (industry claims 20 year life span), BigWind decides to replace that turbine with a new one.  The new one approaches 700 feet tall and brings a new definition of noise, ice, shadow, etc….This can and does happen. Read our next blog for the proof. What is there to protect you from a 700-1000 foot turbine? Nothing because our setback does not restrict height.  Don’t let this happen to you or your friends/family.  Contact your legislator and tell them NO, DON’T CHANGE THE OHIO SETBACK.  

By the way, the industry is also lying about what is restricting their growth.  It is the area citizens who grant them the right to build and it is the informed people of Van Wert who have successfully stalled Apex, not a setback law. Does Susan Munroe speak for all area businesses? We don’t think so.  Senator Cliff Hite is also part of this push to shorten the setback.  Tell Senator Hite, it’s time to take a hike…

Overly restrictive rules on wind-turbine placement have put billions of dollars of investment on hold, say government leaders from northwestern Ohio, who want to see the rules changed.The local-government officials teamed up with a wind-energy trade group today to call for the Ohio General Assembly to undo the restrictions that were put in place three years ago.”We are here today to encourage economic growth in Ohio, and not discourage it,” said Susan Munroe, president and CEO of the Van Wert Area Chamber of Commerce, at a Statehouse news conference.

She was joined by people affiliated with the American Wind Energy Association, a trade group. The groups says $2 billion worth of projects are on hold or at risk….

Source: NW Ohio leaders urge legislature to undo wind-turbine restrictions