BigWind Big problems headed to Ohio if the lobbyists win

A lobbying firm has been hired by BigWind to aggressively get Ohio Senators to shorten Ohio’s setbacks between a turbine and a property line.  The current number is 1,125 feet, but the industry falsely claims it is restrictive. In reality, it is protective for citizens.  What do you think about the problems below? Would you like them to come to Ohio? 2 BigWind companies, with sites in the works, have already stated they want to use turbines that will be 660 feet tall. Do you think our senators know this????……

…NextEra Energy Resources based in Florida began operating 97 wind turbines near Osborn, Missouri, in December. The project in DeKalb County was one of the first by NextEra Energy to use wind turbines that were manufactured to be 500 feet tall.

Some residents in the county have expressed concern over effects from light flicker, noise levels, vibration of buildings and a lack of access to television and weather emergency services.

 Barbara Shatto, owner of Shatto Milk Company, said a concern she has pertains to red lights flashing every few seconds at night near her business and home.

“When you come home at night and you’ve got bright red lights flashing, it’s not exactly a pleasant experience,” Shatto said. “I have window shutters and they do a good job at times to block out the light, but it doesn’t do it completely. You’re just stuck with it. Blocking out the lights is very difficult to do.”

Kim Tindel said there are around 30 turbines within five miles of her residence, with the nearest tower located around 1,400 feet from her home. Tindel said she has documented items in her house shaking.

“The house shakes and it trembles,” Tindel said. “I do have a shelf in my laundry room and stuff has fallen off my shelf. My pictures move. I put a Mason jar on the shelf with water in it and the water is moving.”

Tindel said she hears two noises associated with the project and she has covered her windows to block out the lights.

“It sounds like airplanes hovering 24 hours a day,” Tindel said. “We can hear it over the sound of television and over lawn mowers. Then there’s another sound other than the blades constantly moving. Sometimes it’s a high-pitch sound that’s hard to describe that I can hear outside, but I cannot hear it inside my house.”

Billy and Sherri Sonderegger said there are around 10 wind turbines within two miles of their home.

“I describe it as an airplane flying off in the distance but it never goes anywhere,” Billy Sonderegger said. “It’s always there. The sound just keeps coming. I’ve come home at 11 or 12 at night to unload cattle and left my pickup trailer running and I can hear it above the noise of the pickup.”….

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