(more) Proof that Ohio’s BigWind setbacks are WEAK. Are our legislators paying attention?

BigWind has hired a lobbying firm as part of a very aggressive campaign to roll back the property line setbacks which were adopted in Ohio in 2014.   The lobbying firm representing AWEA is called Compass Consulting.  They are people who have previously worked in the Voinovich Administration and for Attorney General Mike DeWine.   At their press conference, a report was distributed titled: BLOWING IN THE WIND – OHIO’S OVERLY RESTRICTIVE WIND SETBACK LAW IS PUTTING BILLIONS IN NEW IN-STATE INVESTMENT AT RISK.  It falsely claims that Ohio’s setbacks are the most restrictive in the nation and causing Ohio to miss out on billions in investment.   Further, the report presents a very misleading chart comparing Ohio setbacks to counties in Indiana, Illinois and Michigan. We have warned about this for years.  They will attempt a budget ammendment to shorten our setbacks. Below is, yet, another, example of why their claims are false.  2 communities in NY has property lines that are now 2,500 feet from a property line! This makes Ohio’s setback of 1,125 look weak….

The Hopkinton Wind Advisory Board has approved the sound decibel limit and setbacks for the siting of contested 500-foot wind towers proposed in Hopkinton and Parishville.

The advisory board decided on setting a 24-hour sound decibel limit for the noise the wind towers can produce. The board settled on 40 decibels for day and night.

The vote was approved 3-2, according to Hopkinton Town Supervisor Susan Wood. Board members who voted in favor were Jody Wenzel, Mary Jane Niles and Richard Powers. Those opposed were Steve Hopkins and John Niles.

Avangrid Renewables, a subsidiary of Iberdrola, is heading the North Ridge Wind Farm, which calls for about 40 wind towers to be built on land in Hopkinton and Parishville.

“I think there was disappointment on both sides,” Wood said…

Wenzel had also previously stated the decision was made based on of what other wind farms had enacted for laws.

Setbacks were approved to be five times the height of a tower. Turbines are expected to be 500 feet high, so that would make the setbacks 2,500 feet from the property line of non-participating landowners and the same distance from a participating landowners foundation line.

Source: Wind board approves sound decibel limits and wind tower setbacks for Hopkinton and Parishville | NorthCountryNow