Ohio call to action


Today is the day to call your Senator, your House Representative, and the Senators listed below.  Spread the word–share this CALL TO ACTION by email–post on your FaceBook site– alert your friends, neighbors and family–PLEASE further this message to any and all supporters!

It’s easy to do.  If necessary, LEAVE A MESSAGE for the Senators and your Representative.

Time is critical–do it today or ASAP this week!

The Ohio Senate and your Representative needs to hear from you!

On Wednesday, AWEA held a press conference as part of a very aggressive campaign to roll back the property line setbacks which were adopted in 2014.   The lobbying firm representing AWEA is called Compass Consulting.  They are people who have previously worked in the Voinovich Administration and for Attorney General Mike DeWine.   At the press conference, a report was distributed titled: BLOWING IN THE WIND – OHIO’S OVERLY RESTRICTIVE WIND SETBACK LAW IS PUTTING BILLIONS IN NEW IN-STATE INVESTMENT AT RISK.  It falsely claims that Ohio’s setbacks are the most restrictive in the nation and causing Ohio to miss out on billions in investment.   Further, the report presents a very misleading chart comparing Ohio setbacks to counties in Indiana, Illinois and Michigan.


What you need to know is:


  1. This campaign is extremely aggressive.


  1. Wind Developers are trying to insert an Amendment in the Budget Bill to return wind setbacks to distances permitted prior to 2014. These setbacks would enable turbine placement within approximately 500 feet of a property line and 1,125 feet from a home.    


  1. All proposed Amendments to the Budget bill are due to be submitted to the Senate President by May 31.


  1. The Senate leadership and Finance Committee members will evaluate the proposed amendments and select which ones to include in an Omnibus Amendment to Sub. HB 49, the current version of the Budget. The Finance Committee will continue to hear testimony on the Budget all next week and witnesses will be allowed no more than 3 minutes each.


  1. On or before June 12th, we will know if a setback change is included in the budget bill.  At this point, press reports indicate “Senate President Larry Obhof, R-Medina, said he does not know the odds of such a change becoming law, but he noted “that there are a number of members who are interested in it.”


  1. All readers are asked to call their House Representatives and Senators THIS WEEK to object to any amendment reducing property line setbacks.   We suggest you also call:


Senate President Larry  Obhoff (614) 466-7505

Senate Finance Committee Chair Scott Oelslager (614) 466-0626

Senate Finance Vice Chair Gayle Manning  (614) 644-7613

Senator Troy Balderson (614) 466-8076

Senator Bill Beagle (614) 466-6247


What could you say?  “I oppose any budget bill amendment to allow a wind developer to take my land.  Zoning begins at my property line not my front door.   Giving wind developers the right to trespass on my land strips away my property rights and will burden my family for generations.”

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