Ohio needs your help against BigWind assault

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Matt Huffman replaced term-limited Senator Keith Faber, who as Senate President championed the 1125′ from property line wind turbine setbacks. 

Republican Senator Cliff Hite has submitted an amendment which may be attached to the budget bill reducing setbacks to these levels: from turbine base to property line equal to 1.2 times the total height as measured from base of turbine to tip of highest blade…….. and………1125 feet in horizontal distance from the tip of the nearest blade at 90 degrees to the exterior of the nearest habitable, residential structure, if any, located on the adjacent property at the time of certification application…..

That’s Hite-Way Robbery!

It is reported that Senator Huffman is “on the fence” regarding Senator Cliff Hite’s attempt at Hite-Way Robbery, the theft of your property rights.  His office will not commit to a position and says they are “still studying” the issue.   Really?   Studying the uncompensated seizure of private property from his constituents in Champaign, Logan, Allen, Mercer, Darke, Shelby and Auglaize Counties?

Please contact Senator Huffman.

Senate Building
1 Capitol Square, 1st Floor
Columbus, OH 43215
(614) 466-7584

And if you have not done so, or would like to repeat your message, just as important is to call the others listed below. The Senate Finance Chairman and Senate President are very important.

It is not too late to make contacts!  BUT time is of the essence!  If you have not made your calls yet, please help out today while the Senate Finance Committee is deciding whether to throw away Hite’s amendment or to insert in the Budget Bill.


And take a moment to share your concern with your Representative as well.

Spread the word to friends and relatives–the decision on setbacks is binding on all Ohio residents.

All readers are asked to call their House Representatives and Senators THIS WEEK to object to any amendment reducing property line setbacks.   IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU CALL THE SENATE FINANCE COMMITTEE AND SENATE PRESIIDENT.   CALL THE FOLLOWING PEOPLE: 


Senate President Larry  Obhoff (614) 466-7505

Senate Finance Committee Chair Scott Oelslager (614) 466-0626

Senate Finance Vice Chair Gayle Manning  (614) 644-7613

Senator Troy Balderson (614) 466-8076

Senator Bill Beagle (614) 466-6247


You could state that  “I oppose any budget bill amendment to allow a wind developer to take my land.  Zoning begins at my property line not my front door.   Giving wind developers the right to trespass on my land strips away my property rights and will burden my family for generations.  THIS IS ‘HITE-WAY’ ROBBERY!”