$6.9M for 2 turbines that ‘might’ save energy….Hmmmm

I don’t know about you, but if I were an investor or purchaser of products from Valfilm, in Findlay, Ohio, I might question the longevity of their company after this investment. 2 turbines = $6.9MILLION and the potential for energy cost savings? What is most unfortunate, is that Valfilm is unaware of the realities that we share here, on a regular basis.  Additionally, the Ball/Whirlpool turbines are still new, but as they near 12 years, the O & M costs will outweigh their useful life.  This is the reality that we may or may not read about someday in a paper.  Honda was a perfect example of this reality and their turbines croaked long before the 12 year mark…..

A Findlay wind energy company will build two wind turbines, totaling $6.9 million, to help power Valfilm’s headquarters on Findlay’s north end….

The 405-foot tall wind turbines will be built by One Energy, which built the five wind turbines of the same height serving Whirlpool Corp. and Ball Metal. Construction of the Valfilm wind turbines will start this fall on 35 acres east of the plant…
By early 2018, the two 1.5 megawatt wind turbines will supply over 75 percent of Valfilm’s power needs. The other 25 percent will continue to come from American Electric Power.
Valfilm will buy the wind turbines’ output at a fixed electrical rate over the next 20 years, said Steve Shiparski, Valfilm’s Findlay plant manager.
He was cautiously optimistic that Valfilm would save energy costs in the arrangement…

Source: The Courier » Valfilm plans wind turbines