Yet another BigWind setback that makes Ohio look weak

Yet, again, proof that Ohio Senators are being hoodwinked this week in Columbus.  As BigWind lobbies to reduce our 1,125 ft setback, here is another example of how weak our setback actually is.  Will our Senators see through the b.s. and side with the citizens or will they be snowed by the $$$ and lobbying power of BigWind? Time will tell….

After a 45-minute discussion and some criticism of the way the issue was handled, voters at Wednesday’s Bethel Town Meeting approved a restrictive commercial wind ordinance…. Bethel town officials highlighted three key areas: setbacks from adjacent properties, decibel levels, and height of towers.
The Bethel ordinance stipulates that a minimum setback of 2 miles be required from the outer edge of each tower to the closest point on any property line of any nonparticipating parcel, and 3,000 feet from any scenic or special resource or site in the National Register of Historic Places….

Source: Bethel passes restrictive wind ordinance | The Bethel Citizen