Ohio council ‘fed up’ with BigWind bully tactics


Last month, we reported on the story of this INefficient, broken turbine in Conneaut, Ohio. NexGen told the council it will cost $250,000 to repair and, in order to cover THEIR costs, they desire to extend the contact with the city council.  A contract, that is MORE expensive that the electricity the council can purchase from their traditional electric provider.   BigWind electricity is NOT cheaper than traditional energy. It is HEAVILY subsidized to make it competitive. Take note, this is a favorite of the BigWind tactics….

City Council in Conneaut is losing patience with the energy company that owns a wind turbine severely damaged by lightning nearly four months ago.

At Monday night’s work session, some members said they believe NexGen Energy of Boulder, Colorado, is in violation of its contract to supply some of the electricity used at the municipal sewage treatment plant. A 400-kilowatt turbine erected next to the plant in January 2010 lost a blade and saw its generator completely fried by a lightning strike at the end of February.

NexGen estimates the cost of repair at $250,000. Earlier this month, the company said it would need a 10-year extension to the contract set to expire in 2020 to make a repair project financially feasible. Conneaut is presently in the seventh year of the original 10-year contract.

 The proposal has angered some council members, who say repairs to equipment is sometimes the price of doing business. Ward 4 Councilman Thomas Kozesky said he could possibly understand NexGen’s stance “in the early years of the contract.”

“Now they’re holding that over our heads,” he said.

Councilman-at-large Jon Arcaro also bristled at NexGen’s stance, calling it “heavy-handed, hardball tactics.”

“They’re not fulfilling the contract by not repairing the turbine,” he said.

Arcaro also said it appears the turbine may not be the most cost-effective method to help power the treatment plant. Information from the city finance office shows Direct Energy, which has been filling the electricity void since the turbine became idle, is presently charging a generation/distribution charge about 2.5 cents per kilowatt hour lower than NexGen’s rate…


Source: Conneaut council fed up with disfigured turbine | Local News | starbeacon.com