Yet, another, state INcreases the BigWind setback to 1/2 mile from a home

As BigWind prepares to lobby the Ohio legislature to shorten the wind turbine setbacks, South Dakota INCREASES their setbacks to one-half mile from a home. Have you been told that Ohio’s setbacks are too restrictive? This is just another example, proof, that is a lie…

Voters upheld rules for wind turbine setbacks on Tuesday that renewable energy boosters say will stop all wind energy development in Lincoln County.

The vote was 57-42 percent in favor of a requirement that all turbines be placed at least a half mile from all habitable dwellings in the county.

Heavy turnout from southern Lincoln County was the deciding factor, with universal support for the stricter setbacks in every city south of Tea, and the precincts closest to the proposed footprint of a 150-turbine project saw turnouts of up to 57 percent – rare for a special election…

Source: Lincoln County votes down wind backers