Republican Ohio Senators assault rural Ohioans

None of these Ohio Senators reside inside the projected map of an industrial wind turbine footprint. They have NO business making the rest of us, either….it’s time for Senator Hite to take a hike!….

Recently state Sen. Matt Dolan, R-Chagrin Falls, joined Sen. Cliff Hite, R-Findlay, in his all-out assault on the quality of life and property rights of rural residents in Ohio by agreeing to sponsor shorter setbacks for wind turbines in Ohio…

Apparently 1,125 feet to a person’s property line is too restrictive, according to the wind industry. The senators want that to be measured to our homes. When is anything sited to a person’s home in an agriculturally zoned area?It’s easy to hide behind the blanket of living in a city, and inflict something upon Ohio’s rural communities with big government policies.

 Why should the setback be shorter than turbine manufacturers’ recommended safety setback of 1,300 feet? They recommend their own technicians not be within 1,300 feet of an operating turbine, but it’s all right for Ohio’s rural residents to be well within that when it is measured to our homes…

Source: Letter: State shouldn’t determine setbacks – Opinion – The Columbus Dispatch – Columbus, OH