(Another) school wind turbine BROKEN in Ohio

This is beginning to feel like ‘Deja Vu’.  BigWind is notorious for maintenance issues (just ask Van Wert residents who live near the turbine graveyard), but they are often kept quiet from the public.  Some BigWind sites are even known for repairing at night, so the public is not aware! At schools, however, this can be no secret, because taxpayers eagerly hope that BigWind will save the district lots of $….this rarely happens, but breakdowns are commonplace.  Even Honda had to replace a new turbine (less than 4 years old!)  Are our legislators paying attention to this reality????? Nope, so make sure you are and you are willing to tell them!…..

Ontario Local Schools board of education will enter into mediation with Rock Road Wind to resolve a dispute over the company’s wind turbine at Stingel Elementary.

“It’s been broken for nearly a year, and we want to get it resolved that that thing gets fixed,” board of education president Sam VanCura said. “According to the contract, it’s not our liability to fix it.”…

The turbine has sat idle since November 2016, when its transformer stopped working.

In April, the school board refused to approve a contract amendment proposed by Rock Road Wind under which the energy company would agree to replace the faulty transformer and the district would agree to keep buying power from Rock Road Wind for six more years after the current contract expires.

At the time, school district officials argued the energy company defaulted on the contract and demanded the company uphold the current contract by fixing the turbine without the assurance of a contract extension.

The turbine still has not been fixed, prompting the district to move forward with plans to remedy the situation…

Source: Ontario schools to enter mediation over turbine issue