8 BigWind turbines create health problems for >=50 residents. Is Ohio paying attention?

Is Ohio paying attention to this reality? NO. We currently have 2 pieces of legislation up for a vote to significantly reduce the protective setback for industrial wind energy turbines. Many senators and representatives are oblivious, ignorant, or simply careless. (Senators Skindell, Brown, Yuko, O’Brien, Schiavoni, Tavares, Thomas, Williams,  Hite and Representatives Burkley and Brown) This is such a shame….May God Bless Van Wert and Citizens for Clear Skies in their pursuits…

…The small town of Glenmore sits near the other end of the Niagara escarpment in Brown County, Wisconsin. I’ve followed their story from the time Apex “Clean” Energy invaded our beautiful countryside and divided our peaceful little towns.

Duke Energy-owned Shirley Wind, with just eight 492-foot turbines, has been nothing short of a nightmare for numerous families living near the project. Ever since the blades on these 2.5 mW industrial turbines began turning, life changed dramatically for at least 20 families. Initially unaware of the correlation between their symptoms and the low frequency noise and infrasonic by-products of wind-generated electricity, more than 50 residents have pleaded to the Brown County Board of Health for help.

Three families have been forced to abandon their homes to seek relief from the incessant noise and related illnesses. What possible reason, other than inability to live among the turbines, would prompt these families to flee and bear the financial burden of two mortgages?…

Source: MAILBAG: Shirley Wind, a cautionary tale for New York State | Opinion | lockportjournal.com