Don’t call yourself a ‘conservative’ if you support BigWind!

BigWind is like the plague- it has invaded everywhere, including the conservative political groups; however, it is the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Conservative thinking represents wise monetary policy, not fat subsidies. BigWind’s  job creation numbers are deceptive and their influence on electricity rates are hidden. A recent discussion of both Europe and Australia’s electricity grid and costs are staggering…BigWind is making electricity UNaffordable for the average family AND business. Let us now allow this scam to continue here, in the USA. It’s time to talk about the truths with your families and your political representatives. There is great information on our site and many others. Become informed and share the truth!

But the Conservatives for Clean Energy event was just another sign of the increasing politicization of green energy….

North Carolina businessman Jay Faison founded Clear Path Action, with offices in Charlotte and Washington, D.C., to sway conservatives to champion renewable energy as a core principle. Clear Path spent $3 million on 15 GOP congressional candidates in the 2016 election cycle.

American Wind Action has made homegrown jobs the theme of television commercials airing nationally. The issue advocacy organization has plainly stated its purpose: To endorse political candidates who are strong proponents of wind energy and work to defeat their opponents. The North Carolina Sierra Club has produced YouTube videos, as well.

Even the Christian Coalition, no stranger to politics, is in on the action. It views renewable energy as an obligation to be good stewards of the planet. This month it held its third annual Conservative Clean Energy Summit with Young Conservatives for Energy Reform in Washington, D.C. The group urged immediate action to protect national, economic, and family security, with homegrown renewable jobs.

Robert Bryce, a senior fellow at the Manhattan Institute whose books and articles on the energy sector have been widely quoted for two decades, is dismissive of the renewable energy jobs numbers.

“Job creation is the last refuge of the subsidy seekers,” he said. “There are tens of millions of dollars at stake in government subsidies.”

The “fat subsidies” Bryce scorns include the federal renewable production tax credit. It’s $24 per megawatt hour for many wind and solar projects, and it can be claimedover 10 years. The subsidy is set to expire in 2020. But a majority Democratic Congress could repeal that sunset.

The total wind tax giveaway to date tops $176 billion. The subsidy itself costs twice the market price of natural gas, a wind energy competitor, Bryce said.

“It’s collapsing the wholesale market for electricity. It’s distorting the market,” he said.

Bryce took aim at the Amazon Wind Farm, whose 104 turbines span Pasquotank and Perquimans counties, and Avangrid Renewables, (formerly Iberdrola), its Spanish developer, as an example of what’s wrong with the subsidy cronyism.

“Iberdrola gets the tax credits, which is what they’re all about because they can sell the tax credits for cash. Then they’re using turbines that aren’t made here, and they’re creating effectively no jobs,” Bryce said.

“Amazon gets to claim, wrongly, that their data centers are using clean or green electricity” from the wind farm, Bryce said.

Bryce agreed with Carolina Journal reports that found the electricity generated in North Carolina has no physical connection to Amazon’s data centers in northern Virginia….

While the wind energy sector is growing, Wiser and his co-authors of the 2016 report concluded that was due in large part to the renewable production tax credit and state-driven incentives such as Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards created by North Carolina and 28 other states. The REPS require public utilities to buy higher-cost renewable energy at a set percentage of its fuel source….

Source: ‘Home grown’ claims of renewable energy industry questioned – Carolina Journal