Who is doing the ‘research’ on BigWind for your Ohio commissioners?

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Many of us, sadly, have seen this scenario before.  The community asks their leaders to make and informed decision. But, how will these commissioners become informed? It is often from the salesperson representing the BigWind developer…an individual with oodles of biased information, that he/she is more than happy to share.  For many of us, we have learned the negatives associated with these developments, over the course of many years, not just a few weeks.  Information searching takes time….lots of it and the reality is that few have the time or discipline to do their due diligence in this matter.  If you reside in this area, encourage one of these commissioners to reach out to Van Wert county. It behooves all of our readers to do your own homework and research and then politely offer it to your leaders.  Help them, in order to help you. BigMoney talks LOUDLY, so organize your facts, educate yourselves, and then you can choose to help educate others….

Pro and con, area residents came out for a public hearing Thursday morning about Huron County possibly becoming an alternative energy zone (AEZ).

One man said he wants the board to consider the “unintended consequences” of allowing wind turbines in the Greenwich area and what might happen if they are installed and the county decides later the turbines aren’t wanted or needed.

“I just ask you to do your research,” he said.

And that’s exactly what the commissioners said they have been doing — working on gathering as much information as they can.

“We are just in an information-gathering process,” Boose said at the end of the hearing…

When it comes to the wind turbine industry, one man considered it the most deceptive business since “the tobacco industry of yesteryear.” He said the commissioners need to consider getting involved in an industry with a “25-year track record of failure” and that if the wind turbines are decommissioned, the concrete and rebar will remain in place.

Wilde said he and the other commissioners are doing “our due diligence” and listening to what the community has to say.

Hintz has been a commissioner for about seven years. He said “the old board was caught off-guard” with the proposition of wind turbines and an AEZ years ago, noting he and those commissioners didn’t receive any opposition from residents until much later.

“We are trying to make a difference this time around,” Hintz told the crowd. “We are trying to make an informed decision.”

via Norwalk Reflector: Residents want commissioners to ‘do your research’ on wind turbines