BigWind ice throw damages truck, yet Ohio proposes shorter setbacks

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Here is the latest news coming out of Columbus.  Senator McColley and Representative Riedel and working hard on crafting language to add as an amendment to the wind setback bill (SB 238) proposed by Senator Dolan.  This bill as stated would change the turbine setback from 1,125′ to a property line to 1,225′ to the “nearest habitable structure”.  The property line setback would be a multiplier of the height of the turbine.  The language in the bill is 1.2X the height.  Apex is proposing 660′ turbines so that would force them to build 792′ off our property lines.  That means they could still extend roughly 800′ of unsafe space onto our ground without paying us for the loss of amenities in a worst case scenario.  Read the article below and you wonder why any legislator would put Ohioans at risk?  BigWind continues to tell us that these incidents are ‘exceedingly rare’, but we certainly seem to find a lot of fires, blade breaks etc.  Someone will be killed someday.  Will it happen in Ohio b/c Amazon is pushing for BigWind setback changes??????…..

Wind turbines at a Freeborn County wind farm were shut down this week, due to safety concerns.  A longtime American Experiment source got wind of an incident on Thursday involving a livestock truck that was struck by “ice throw” that may have come from a wind turbine at Bent Tree Wind Farm.

I got a call that a semi-truck had been damaged by ice throw from a wind turbine on Highway 13, south of Hartland.  Law enforcement was on the scene. The truck was southbound and the ice hit the driver’s side, so I guess that means it had to come from a turbine on the east side of the road.  The person who told me said there are turbines really close to the road there.


The incident clearly raises public safety concerns over wind turbines located within range of roads and houses, given the potential danger of being hit by ice projectiles. Our source notes the turbines were allegedly coated with ice for several days leading up to the incident.

It sounds like a slight change in timing or trajectory could have resulted in serious injury or even fatality for the truck driver.  What if this had been a small car rather than a semi-truck?

via MN Wind Turbines Shut Down Over Safety Concerns From Ice [UPDATED] – American Experiment