Ohio Power Siting Board says YES to BigWind (again)

Screen Shot 2018-03-09 at 3.26.03 PM

Once again, the Ohio Power Siting Board rubber stamps a BigWind application.  We have noted in the past, this board has NEVER rejected an application from BigWind, in favor of Ohio citizens- NEVER. Read the link, below, and you will see where Hardin Wind, LLC, has amended their application FIVE…that’s no typo…FIVE times!! The turbines just continue to get larger and larger. Why is this? Could it be that the original turbines are already outdated? YES  Note that their ‘approved’ setbacks barely exceed the height of the turbines! 

We have reported, many times in the past, that the OPSP is nothing but a Say Yes to BigWind board.  An Ohio body of appointees who live nowhere near any of the proposed site and are thrilled to allow BigWind to flourish across our state.  Despite multiple citizen attempts to slow BigWind down, this board seems awfully ‘cozy’ with BigWind….makes us wonder…