Why is a Property Value Guarantee good enough for fossil fuel, but NOT BigWind?

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From Energy and Environmental News, we have long advocated that a Property Value Guarantee (PVG) be included in any local wind ordinance that is serious about protecting the rights of citizens. Not suprisingly, the wind industry is adamantly opposed to a PVG… We were alerted to the fact that Exxon is offering a PVG near one of their fossil fuel facilities!  What’s acceptable for fossil fuels should be good enough for wind turbines…

Both ExxonMobil and SABIC are industry leaders in working with communities and implementing sustainable programs based on local needs. As members of the community, our employees are committed to making positive impacts where they and their families live. Gulf Coast Growth Ventures is committed to upholding that same commitment.

Gulf Coast Growth Ventures is listening to the community. Project representatives have held more than 114 outreach meetings with local organizations, chambers, governments, civic groups and neighborhoods. We have listened to questions, concerns and input from local residents, and we continue to meet with the community every day. The Good Neighbor Program addresses the issues that local residents expressed as the most important through four key components….


  • My Town, My Future: Support and participate in community visioning process.
  • Alternative water supply: Engage with local water districts and organizations to evaluate development of water desalination project to help offset industrial use.
  • Near Neighbor Voluntary Price Protection Program: Price protection program for adjacent property owners.
  • Noise & light abatement: Implement programs and technologies to minimize off-site noise and light; fund traffic management efforts including impact studies, dust control and new police officers.
  • Community Advisory Panel: Establish regional panel to provide regular counsel to GCGV during construction and operations on various issues such as traffic and job training.
  • VIP program: Implement Volunteer Involvement Program to encourage employee volunteerism.


  • Air monitoring program: Regional air monitoring; monitoring in the community and at the fenceline; provide monitoring results online.
  • Emergency responder support: Assist in upgrading local response capabilities for Gregory Fire and EMS services; provide ongoing training and cooperation.
  • Community Communication: Establish and maintain lines of communication for residents to raise concerns, ask questions and obtain information about the project.
  • Mutual aid: Participate in community-wide mutual aid programs with first responders and other local industry….

read entirety at     http://gulfcoastgv.com/good-neighbor-program