Ohio Rep Bill Seitz Stands Up to BigWind Bullies

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To: Ohio General Assembly
Subject: Regarding “Stand Up To Seitz” Flyer

You or your constituents may have recently received the enclosed mailer from the “Economic Prosperity Project” urging that “Republican legislators need to STAND UP to Bill Seitz” because “He is using his influence to prevent $4.2 billion from being invested in Ohio wind energy.”


I thought you would like to know that the mailing address associated with this flyer is registered to Innovation Ohio, a liberal think tank run by former Speaker Budish’s Democrat chief of staff, Keary McCarthy, and former top Strickland administration policy chief Jeannetta King. The “Economic Prosperity Project” is a new corporation registered to a former Strickland administration operative, too.


It is of course up to you whether to join the “#StandUpToSeitz” movement. Should you do so, you would be “standing up” for Ted Strickland, Armond Budish, and all their liberal pals. The choice is yours. Real Republicans will be watching which choice you make.


Contrary to the mailer, please know that I am simply resolved not to let Big Wind and their allies ruin rural Ohio with their unsafe and unsightly, expensive and intermittent wind turbines just to line the pockets of a few farmers willing to sell their neighbors down the river by advocating for wind turbine setbacks that are measured from one’s home, instead of from one’s property line. Anyone who has ever lived in a home knows that we like to use the yard we have for gardening, picnicking, shooting hoops, swimming, fishing, and a host of other activities that involve core private property rights. Big Wind, ever desperate to put more turbines in smaller spaces in densely populated Ohio, and biting its nails as the massive federal subsidies for wind production are being reduced by 20% per year, is bound and determined to get its way. It has decided to let Democrat front groups appeal to Republican households in a deceptive attempt to secure yet another government sanctioned advantage. Don’t be fooled.


Attached is some recent information about what wind setbacks are in the Midwest. Ours are not draconian in comparison. Feel free to use this information in responding to any constituents who ask you to “stand up to Bill Seitz.”




William J. Seitz

Majority Floor Leader

Ohio House of Representatives