The ‘Apex’ Ohio BigWind predator could be ‘For Sale’?

UNITED STATES: Apex Clean Energy, one of the US’s largest wind developers, is currently undergoing a strategic review that could lead to a sale of the company

Strangely enough, this article was PULLED off the AWEA website, shortly after being put up on it! Contrary to what most people believe, BigWind developers often sell and resell both their assets and companies. (NW Ohio projects have already sold multiple times. Just check out the records for yourself!) Why? This is what happens when your entire business model depends upon the gifts of the American taxpayer.  It is subsidies that keeps them alive, not the production of a great product.  In fact, they produce the opposite.  Statistics from the national sources show that Ohio BigWind sites produce, on average, less than 35% of what they ‘claim’ they will produce.  How many manufacturers would stay afloat if they produced that small of a percentage? NONE, unless they are kept afloat by you and I…..

What will this mean for Van Wert leaseholders? Time will tell