(Yet another) Turbines costing Ohio taxpayers $

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Yes, this article is a Two-for-One! There are 2 turbines in this community that have failed to perform their duties. For this Ohio community, however, the cost to the taxpayer is significant AND an eyesore. We have blogged about these turbines in the past and we are sorry to say that this article offers no resolution for this community.  Unfortunately, this community is learning the hard way, that BigWind OFTEN sells (and resells) their turbines.  What if this situation happened to a farmer with a turbine on his land?  What if someone was seriously injured or killed? This scenario is simply tragic and it will not be the last time it occurs….

The city of Conneaut has not ruled out legal remedies regarding the wind turbine at the lakefront that has been inoperable for more than a year, Law Director Kyle Smith said this week…

At issue is the 400-kilowatt turbine adjacent to the city’s sewage treatment plant severely damaged by a lightning strike in February 2017. The blast shattered one of the turbine’s blades and heavily damaged its generator, officials said last year.

Smith said the city is still trying to track down the rightful owner of the towering turbine. The machine was installed in 2010 by NexGen Energy of Colorado, but it appears another company has taken ownership, Smith said…

“We’re writing the company involved and not getting much in the way of a response,” he said. “It’s been difficult to get a response.”

In 2010, the city entered into a 10-year contract with NexGen for a turbine to help power the sewage treatment plant. Last year, NexGen told the city it wanted to stretch the contract to 2030 to raise the money necessary to fix the turbine, officials said at the time.

NexGen estimated the cost of repairs at $250,000, city administrators said.

The contract included slight kilowatt-per-hour increases into the contract years, administrators said. In 2016, the last full year of the turbine’s operation, NexGen charged the city $59,000 for the electricity it produced.

 The city is charged only when the turbine is producing power, officials have said…

A larger turbine at Conneaut Middle School, erected by NexGen at about the same time, never performed as expected and resulted in a lawsuit…

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