Seneca, Ohio commissioner Holly Stacy favors BigWind

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Commissioner Holly Stacy shows her ignorance by stating, “The previous board put the AEZ in place…That indicated that we are fair and open to energy development of all kinds.” BigWind reps are so smooth at selling their snake oil, they can literally sell sand to someone living in a desert. How? Because people simply aren’t familiar with this industry and the lies that often come with it.  Another BIG reality, that she misses, is that BigWind development will PROHIBIT other energy development in her area. Not only energy, but ALLL development in her area. Need proof? How many industries and businesses have relocated to Van Wert, Ohio since BigWind took over tens of thousands of acres? NONE.  People don’t want to live amongst these machines and new companies don’t want to build amongst them, either.  A decision to approve an AEZ benefits BigWind, but not the citizens of the communities within it.  An AEZ allows these companies to pay 1/6 of their tax bill and it gives away a communtity right to say NO. It gives all control BigWind. Wake up Ohioans…..

Opponents of wind turbine projects in Seneca County presented a petition with more than 1,100 signatures to the board of commissioners Tuesday morning and gained a notable new supporter in the process.


“I stand here with much support behind me, asking for your help,” he said.

Commissioner Mike Kerschner, who along with the other two commissioners has been supportive of the AEZ and the turbine projects, changed his position and said he believes the AEZ should be rescinded.

“The whole back and forth on the wind projects has been a bit of a cluster,” he said. “What this has caused is brother against brother, friend against friend, neighbor against neighbor.”

Kerschner said he knows the more than 1,100 people who signed the petition are against the project and he believes there likely are many more.

“I feel that somebody needs to represent your voice,” he said to about 60 people in attendance, of which the vast majority were there to ask commissioners to rescind the AEZ. “That somebody is going to be me from this point forward.”…


“It will still take a lot of work (to stop the projects),” Kerschner said. “We have to conduct conversations, not confrontations. Continue your campaign with accurate and insightful information.”

Kerschner moved that the AEZ be rescinded, but the motion died on the floor because Commissioner Holly Stacy declined to give a second and Commissioner Shayne Thomas was not at the meeting. Thomas said Monday he had a previous engagement before he knew the AEZ petition would be presented.

Stacy said she did not support repealing the AEZ Tuesday.

“The previous board put the AEZ in place,” she said. “That indicated that we are fair and open to energy development of all kinds.”…

Aichholz said if the AEZ is rescinded, it wouldn’t necessarily kill alternative energy projects.

“Every project the wind turbine companies propose would have to have its own negotiated deal in place with the county,” he said. “This will put the county in a much more advantageous spot when weighing the benefits and consequences from these projects.”…


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