Why should we care about Ohio BigWind setbacks?

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Because a piece of turbine that is thrown more than 2400 feet WILL KILL SOMEONE WITHIN a setback that is currently proposed by BigWind in Ohio….Do we care about the lives of Ohio citizens or do we care more the pocket change BigWind throws at our schools?

Germany–At 8:15 pm on March 8, 2018, two rotors of a brand-new ENERCON E-115 wind turbine were completely torn apart – parts flew more than 800m away. This is the third heavy windmill incident in the circle Paderborn within 2 years. In Altenbeken a pinwheel pulpit was broken off, in Dörenhagen a whole rotor, which was thrown through the air and then stuck in the field like a sword not far from the main road….


Turbine THROWS pieces >800meters