Dear Seneca county, it’s time to call your commissioners

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Are YOU, or a family/friend, one of the county members who has NOT contacted your county commissioners? What is your fear? That nothing can be done? Now is the time to exercise your right, as a voting member of the county, and your RESPONSIBILITY to let these county commissioners know your views.  Prove to Ms. Stacy, (and Mr. Thomas)without a doubt, that there are plenty of people opposed to the industrial wind turbine projects. 

This county will regret the AEZ. They may as well put up a flashing WELCOME sign for industrial wind turbine companies. 5 years from now, life in that region will be dramatically different…..

The tumultuous wind farm debate, as well as Seneca County Commissioner’s role in it, remained the public’s key concern during Tuesday’s regularly scheduled commissioner’s meeting.

As they have in weeks past, anti-wind advocates from the townships attended yesterday’s meeting to speak against erecting wind turbines in Seneca County.

Two community members questioned commissioners, Holly Stacy and Shayne Thomas, about their stance on the turbines when there seemed to be a “majority” in the county against the project. They sited the “many” signs in yards around the county as evidence of the county’s constituents rejection of the AEZ and the wind turbines.

A township resident questioned whether or not it was the duty of the county commissioners to represent what the majority of their constituents wanted.

In response, both Stacy and Thomas said it was their job to try to serve the greater good of the county.

“My job is to do what is best for the county,” said Stacy.

Further, she said it was the job of the commissioners to do research and use the “information they have” to make informed choices on county issues.

In addition, she pointed out there was no “scientific data” proving the majority of the county were against the wind farms and supporters have less incentive to be vocal because two current projects are moving forward.

According to published reports, even if the commissioners voted to rescind the AEZ now, it would have absolutely no effect on the existing projects that have already been approved through the establishment of the AEZ in 2011…