Will Tucker Carlson side with the people or BigWind? Watch Tuesday 8pm

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We understand that at 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday, August 14th, Tucker Carlson
will air a segment on Fox News exploring the impact of industrial wind
development in the path of military aviation assets.  Carlson’s guest on the
program will be Texas State Senator Donna Campbell, author of legislation
enacted last year prohibiting tax incentives for wind energy projects within
25 miles of military aviation bases that use fixed-wing aircraft.  This
legislation – now law –  passed the Texas House 134 to 10. It is intended to
protect military bases from encroachment issues relating to airspace as well

In the last issue of Wind News we urged everyone to watch the Ohio Supreme
Court proceedings in the Ohio Black fork Wind case:
.  If you have not watched, we encourage you to do

so.  This week, Black Fork filed another appeal to the Ohio Supreme Court
challenging the Ohio Power Siting Board’s second extension of time to
January 23, 2020, the use of a new turbine model, the Vestas V110 2.2 M, and
the denial of the intervenors’ request for a rehearing. A copy of the appeal
is attached.  It is notable in this case that Black Fork previously added
the Vestas 2.0 MW model though filing an Amendment but when they sought to
upgrade the model once again, Black Fork did not file an amendment. Black
Fork thus was able to evade the revised property line setbacks established
in 2014.

In other news:


*       The Cleveland Plain Dealer tries to make a big deal out of local
citizens receiving help from the owner of Murray Coal in challenging the
Lake Erie Icebreaker project.  Mr. Murray responds to the paper with a
Letter to the Editor which is followed by  a comment that asks “Are you
aware that, by spending $126 million in another way, we could build
generating capacity able to produce roughly 12 times more electricity and
eliminate 6 times more annual CO2 emissions than the Icebreaker wind
turbines?” Another commenter claims wind turbines must be put in the lake
because of restrictive rules for land-based turbines.

*       The Ohio Agricultural Law Blog addresses whether someone can
interfere with the surface water drainage on someone else’s property.  The
answer to this question lies in Ohio’s “reasonable use doctrine,” which
establishes guidelines for when a landowner has a legal right to affect the
drainage of surface water onto another property.  The new law bulletin,
“Surface Water Drainage Rights”” explains this important legal doctrine.

*       A story from the Sandusky area caught our attention as State Rep
Michael Sheehy, D-Oregon, said he’s concerned people in cities won’t be
represented when lawmakers form a new committee to study harmful algal
blooms in western Lake Erie. He thinks people from the city who need clean
water ought to have a seat at the table when Ag and the Farm Bureau discuss
how to reduce algal blooms.  We included this article because wondered if
someone will try claim that people in cities who want to breath clean air
should have a say in wind energy.  We could be stretching it a bit but you
never know….