Ohio politics and BigWind appears to be in Cordray’s pocket

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Election season is underway and they don’t call it the “silly season” for no reason.  A friend shared with is the 2018 Election Guide from the Farm Bureau.  The Guide included some questions and answers posed to the candidates for Governor.  One question was:  “What eminent domain reforms would you be willing to work on to protect property owners?”   Richard Cordray’s response was:

I will fight for farmers to have their day in court, working to bring Ohio back in line with its neighbors and federal law. The setback requirements for wind turbines that were recently imposed under Ohio law are an example  of restrictions on the rights of property owners that restrict the full economic potential of our rural areas, such as in northwest Ohio.”

So, if we read this right, Cordray believes a landowner has some kind of right to endanger a neighbor and trespass with nuisance effects.  Moreover, it appears he thinks there is some kind of eminent domain right for a wind developer to put turbines wherever they feel like it.  Yikes!


Following this “theme” the left wing group, Conservation Ohio, announced a $50,000 digital ad buy to boost Mr. Cordray’s gubernatorial campaign. The ads, which will run on Facebook, are designed to highlight Mr. Cordray’s position on energy issues. “Rich Cordray will be a governor who will fight for our environment, and defend us against the Trump Administration’s toxic environmental agenda,” Director Aryeh Alex said in a statement.


In Seneca County where Rep. Reineke listened to his constituents and supported their pleas for protective setbacks measured from property lines, a clean energy-supported group called Checks and Balances has filed Freedom of Information requests at Reineke’s office to learn about who is influencing him.  At the same time, Seneca County Commissioner, Mike Kerschner, who supports rescinding the county’s Alternative Energy Zone designation, is also the subject of a FOIA request.


As the General Assembly heads back to work after the Labor Day holiday, there is speculation on how the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Chairmanship will be filled after Troy Balderson won election to the U.S. Congress.   Interestingly, Senate President Obhof indicated he might merge the Committee into either the Senate Public Utilities Committee or the Senate Agriculture Committee.  Obhof was quoted saying a decision was likely this week.  House Bill 114 that proposes to reduce wind turbine setbacks is currently pending in the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee.


Obhof remarked in a Statehouse news report that “I think it’ll be a relatively seamless transition regardless of who the chairman is or whether we decide to combine committees,” Sen. Obhof said. “If we do combine committees we’ll…divide (bills) up among committees that would have jurisdiction. Most of the members in the Senate serve on four or five or six committees so people are familiar with the issues that are pending.”

The Senate Public Utilities Committee is chaired by Sen. Beagle and the VC is Senator McColley.  Others on the Committee are Republican Sens. Burke, Eklund, Matt Huffman. Kris Jordan, La Rose, Tehar and Uecker.  Democrat Senators are  Williams, O’Brien and Sykes.   The Senate Ag Committee is chaired by Senator Hackett, and VC Hoagland, with Republican Sens. Beagle, Kunze, LaRose, McColley, Peterson and Uecker.   Democrat Senators are O’Brien, Skindell and Tavares….

Have you contacted your legislator to share your views about the setback debate??????