Ohio BigWind cries WOLF! We can learn from Indiana

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And many other states and locations!! BigWind has lobbied hard in Ohio for reduced setbacks, claiming they can’t survive with the current laws.  Yet, they seem to be planting and expanding throughout the state of Ohio…with expansion plans significantly greater. They cry wolf, that our setbacks are so restrictive. Really? Time and time again, we find examples of setbacks that are SIGNIFICANTLY larger than Ohio. Why? Where BigWind has planted, residents suddenly become wise. Wise about the realities that the industrial machines ARE noisy, DO affect the health of some, DO impact farmers, DO impact county roadways, etc. and DO NOT produce near the energy that they promised…Bravo Kosciusko county on terrific provisions within your ordinance!!….

We did it! We have a new model wind ordinance in Indiana! The new Kosciusko County wind ordinance passed unanimously on Tuesday, Oct. 16. Highlights include:
  • Setbacks to property lines of 3,960 ft. or 6.5 X the height of the tower, whichever is greater
  • Zero shadow flicker on a non-participant’s property
  • 32 dBA at property lines
  • Pre and post construction well inspections by a licensed well installer
  • Property value guarantees for everyone living within two miles of a turbine by two licensed appraisers of the Plan Commission’s choosing at expense of wind company
  • Prior to meeting with landowners in Kosciusko County to secure leases and holding private meetings with residents, the wind developer must notify every household and landowner within five miles of a planned wind project of their intentions to develop a wind farm in the area via certified letter. The wind developer must also contact the Kosciusko County Plan Director and inform the Kosciusko County Planning Commission of their intent to develop a wind farm in Kosciusko County prior to notice being sent to residents and landowners and prior to meeting with landowners to secure wind lease contracts in Kosciusko County.
  • The wind developer may not submit a memorandum of lease containing multiple lease contracts to the Kosciusko County Recorder. Signed wind lease contracts not submitted to the Kosciusko County Recorder’s office within 45 days of signing are null and void in Kosciusko County. (RES has not been recording leases in all of the Indiana counties where we are aware they have been getting leases signed.)
  • Large industrial wind turbines are only permitted in I-3 heavy industrial zones – because wind turbines are not agricultural!

Scroll down to page 47 to read the wind energy turbine updates Indiana county setback