BigWind RELEASES landowners from leases in Ohio!!

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Since our excitement (in red) makes this a little difficult to read, here is the letter in its entirety…Citizens for Clear Skies in Van Wert county have been persistent, devoted to truth, and unstoppable. Congratulations!! There is hope for others!!


We have made the difficult decision to conclude our pursuit of the Long Prairie Wind project in Van Wert and Mercer Counties. The current policy environment in Ohio, which creates unnecessary market barriers for wind energy, has made our investment in the state a highly risky proposition. Apex is blessed to work with communities across the state to create economic development opportunities through renewable energy. Our high-quality Ohio portfolio promises to bring hundreds of millions of dollars in local revenue and school funding to the state, along with a critical, low-cost source of power. Unfortunately, the state’s current anti-business policies are making it necessary for us to reduce our investment exposure in the state and to choose which of our projects we continue to advance in Ohio. Due to some challenges presented by the transmission system around Van Wert and Mercer Counties, Long Prairie Wind has been selected for divestment. We will be releasing project landowners from their leases over the next several weeks. We are continuing to advance our other Ohio projects, and this decision will allow us to direct even greater attention and resources to them. Van Wert and Mercer Counties remain excellent locations for a wind facility, and we anticipate that if and when the state becomes more welcoming to these investments, the area will once again have a bright future in wind energy.


John Arehart
John P. Arehart III, PE
Apex Clean Energy, Inc.
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