BigWind “Strikes out” when they try to restrain Ohio property owners

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Be careful and seek legal advice BEFORE signing an industrial wind turbine lease, on your farmland.  These companies are serious. You don’t get in their way of massive tax subsidies $$$!! You don’t get to change your mind- ever.  They will control what you can/can’t do on YOUR land for DECADES. 30 property owners are being threatened by BigWind.  Don’t let these bullies into YOUR backyard. Educate yourself and your neighbors!!….

TIFFIN — Seneca Wind LLC, a subsidiary of Utah-based sPower, whiffed Monday on its first attempt for a court order that would have let it proceed with preconstruction work on 31 tracts of private land that are part of the massive wind farm it wants to build.

Visiting Judge Robert Pollex denied a request from Seneca Wind attorneys for a temporary restraining order against 30 property owners holding the combined 31 leases.

The leaseholders apparently have had a change of heart since signing over easement rights more than a decade ago.

Seneca Wind contends they are in breach of contract….

The group also acknowledged the ruling on the temporary restraining order was only a first step.

“In the meantime, sPower will have to twiddle their thumbs instead of working on this part of their project,” according to the statement from the citizen group….

He also said the company fully intends to continue pursuing its complaint on Feb. 22.

Leases were signed between the company and the 30 affected property owners in 2008, with an amendment in 2013.

At issue is what are authorized preconstruction activities, such as surveying. The company is required to limit its work to those activities until it gets authorization from the Ohio Power Siting Board to proceed to the construction phase…

With a proposed 77 turbines across five townships, the Seneca Wind project would become one of Ohio’s largest wind farms for an industry moving rapidly into the Buckeye State. It would have a capacity of 212 megawatts, and bring $56 million to the region in terms of direct lease payments to property owners and payments in lieu of taxes to township boards and school districts…

Toledo Blade article