BigWind disaster in Massachusetts hits national stage

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This is why we make efforts to educate you. This is why our SETBACK laws are important and why they should be INCREASED.  This is what BigWind does NOT want you (or our legislators) to know. Falmouth, MA is one of many communities with citizens that complain about detrimental health effects from turbines. But this is not our only plea. Turbines will NOT cause the closing of 1 coal/natural gas plant.  Turbines must always have backup power, readily available in a fraction of a second, to generate energy when the wind slows or doesn’t blow at all.  Why plague our great land, with thousands of industrial machines, knowing this truth??????????

…”The Wall Street Journal published a scathing editorial on the experience of Falmouth, Massachusetts, which spent $10 million on wind turbines and it’s been a disaster” Rep. McClintock said at the hearing.  “That small town went deeply into debt to finance them.  The townspeople couldn’t bear the noise, the constant flickering of light as 400-foot windmills turned and property values plunged 20 percent….”

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The town of Falmouth between 2010-2012 constructed 2 Vestas V-82 type 1.65 Megawatt wind turbines….

The Falmouth Board of Health Dept meeting minutes for 6/11/2012 shows 63 people/respondents spoke. Of those 47 people reported health effects from the turbines.  41, or about 85% reported sleep disturbance, 25 reported stress, 21 reported mental health problems, 2 reported suicide attempt or ideation…

The resident homeowners living around the commercial industrial wind turbines were left to fend for themselves hiring attorneys while state and town officials attempted to outspend them in court to keep the turbines operational.

Falmouth resident Barry Funfar a Marine Vietnam veteran who flew over 100 missions on Huey helicopters enjoyed his garden until the wind turbines started operation.

Diane and Barry Funfar had to remortgage their home 3 times to cover the cost of their attorneys during 8 years of court hearings.  They were awarded $75,000 in an insurance settlement, a far cry from their entire life savings and years of mortgage payments.

Betsy and Neil Andersen, according to news reports spent near $100,000, including legal fees, appraisal fees and witness fees defending their health and property.

A Falmouth woman who spent years living in her basement away from the noise and spending money on lawyers had to give up and sell her home.

There are up to 200 residential homes around the Falmouth wind turbines in which residents reported sleep disturbance, high blood pressure, headaches, tinnitus, dizziness, nausea, a rapid heart rate, and panic attacks….