Erie county, Ohio tells BigWind to ‘Show Me the Money’- Bravo!!

Erie county votes NO to a BigWind PILOT, wise choice!!  BigWind WILL pay their taxes- A FIRST. Prio to the vote, an Apex representatives made a presentation on Emerson Creek. They advocated for PILOT saying, “Since wind is a free source of energy, a wind farm’s largest cost is upfront when the turbines are being constructed. A payment in lieu of taxes offsets the larger initial investment and spreads it out. “It redesigns the way the money is going to come into the county so that huge capital investment upfront is spread out over 30 years and makes it sustainable for the county so they can plan and budget accordingly,” Moser said.  ARE YOU KIDDING?  We say a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush and it is quite likely that the county is capable of receiving and spending tax revenue without Apex spoon feeding it over years.  And if Apex can unload the wind factory to a buyer, they will also unload the PILOT liability and skip on down the road.  If they pay the taxes as required, they incur the cost as opposed to the next investor. In fact, when the next investor comes along, the taxation starts back at 100%.  This is an important point for anyone thinking about why wind developers want PILOT….