What else grows in spring? BigWind setbacks (in Indiana)

BigWind, in Ohio, wants you to believe that THEY are the victims. Victims of misguided legislation that handcuffs their opportunity for growth (Repeat, over and over, for years). We have repeatedly shown you examples of Ohio setbacks being too LENIENT with BigWind and today, we share, yet another below. Over and over again, once BigWind enters an area, residents become informed about the TRUTHS with this industry and how their business model is INtrusive into individual lives and rights. In Ohio, this concept is known as TRESPASS ZONING. Good luck to our Indiana neighbors…..

An ordinance was introduced Monday at the Montgomery County Commissioners’ meeting that would amend a section of the county code regarding wind energy conversion systems.

The changes would align the current code of ordinances with a proposed zoning ordinance released earlier this month after Akuo Energy threatened county commissioners with a lawsuit. The proposed zoning ordinance reflects the county’s new comprehensive plan and includes stricter regulations on wind turbines and wind farm development….

Commissioners had most recently made tweaks to the wind ordinance last year after months of debating and researching citizen concerns surrounding wind turbines. In the changes adopted by commissioners last July, noise levels generated by wind turbines were reduced from 60 decibels to 50 decibels. The new amendments introduced Monday would reduce noise levels further to 32 decibels. 

Minimum setback distances are altered as well, including 2,640 feet or five-times the height of the tower from any adjoining property line, road right-of-way, or overhead electrical transmission or distribution lines. And it establishes a 1-mile setback from any town, city or school. 

Changes also increased the distance of substations from residences, from 1,000 feet to 2,640 feet….