What do ya mean, Wind Turbines AREN’T Green?

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This article, could make you, both laugh and cry. We should cry because of the realities of this industry, as the USA adds tens of thousands of turbines every year; therefore, tens of thousands of blades end up in our landfills.  We should laugh b/c the company “did not respond” to the request for exact lifespan of these specific blades. This industry is very good at hiding/twisting the truth. I wouldn’t be surprised if they never responded to the question. One falsehood is that many believe each machine lasts 20-25 years. In reality, the gearbox and blades are the ‘Achilles heel’ of each turbine and require frequent maintenance. Just ask their insurers! We have blogged about this reality, before! In Van Wert, Ohio, for instance, we have pictures of dozens of blades lined up in neat and tidy rows. Why? Our industrial wind site is nowhere near 20 years old???!!!!…..

The disposal of approximately 1,000 wind turbine blades at the Casper (Wyoming) Regional Landfill will generate an estimated $675,485….

the blades and the motor housing are non-recyclable because they are made from fiberglass.

Instream Environmental did not respond immediately to Oil City’s request for comment on Thursday, Aug. 1, so it is unclear the exact lifespan of these specific blades…

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