BigWind needs MORE stimulus$? Smoke screen!

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BigWind, is again, seeking stimulus $. Various senators have submitted a letter of request to Treasury Secy’ Mnuchin.

Such would qualify as the 13th federal subsidy extension for wind power, dating back to 1992. Yet back in 1986, amid California’s wind subsidies, a representative of the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) stated: “The U.S. wind industry has … demonstrated reliability and performance levels that make them very competitive.” Which brings to mind what Milton and Rose Friedman stated in 1997:

The infant industry argument is a smoke screen. The so-called infants never grow up….

Robert Bradley article

DON’T listen to BigWind compare subsidies and claim that oil/gas/nuclear/coal also get them. YOU NEED TO LOOK AT HOW MUCH POWER EACH ACTUALLY PRODUCES….

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GREAT article from Texas Public Policy Fdtn