Why does BigWind ‘sell’ their ‘farms’ every 6 yrs?

Why does BigWind ‘sell’ their ‘farms’ every 5-7 years? What? You don’t know anything about this? Right, it is kept quiet…you don’t read about this in the paper. You need to go to the courthouse and you will learn that they quietly ‘sell’ their ‘farms’, like a used car, to another company. This cycle repeats over and over and over. Why? Just look above at the stats. See how many problems occur BEFORE the 10 year mark?? Our politicians have also allowed them the opportunity to get NEW TAX CREDITS every time this occurs. There is no ‘buyers remorse’, because they are given all the advantages of the purchase of a new site.

The reality is that these industrial wind energy zones are parasites. They destroy ecology (birds and bats), suck taxpayer dollars, and merely throw a few of their pennies back to the landowners and communities. For what? Very little energy that is ALWAYS backed up, sporadic, not dependable, noisy, and apparently not so Green now that we have seen the repair rates. Sustainable? Renewable? Just not so…..

Wind Turbine Maintenance Best Practices

When wind turbine components fail, it leads to unscheduled stoppages, expensive crane and repair equipment rental, and revenue loss. It is vital to develop a comprehensive maintenance plan to prevent costly and time-consuming repairs. The maintenance plan will help to control and forecast such failures….

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