BigWind tactics: Will OHIO fall for this–again??

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Dejavue’?? Remember, this prior to Obamacare passed? We guess that BigWind has taken this tactic out of the Democratic playbook. And, why not? Despite flaws and skyrocketing medical costs, Mrs. Pelosi has kept her job and her multimillion dollar lifestyle. Truly astounding! PARTICULARLY with California experiencing rolling blackouts because they have too many renewables on their grid!! Geesh, wake up OhioThe costs will become outrageous and WOULD BECOME AUTOMATIC…

Columbus residents will decide in November whether to approve Issue 1, an “opt-out” green-energy electricity aggregation plan that promises to supply 100% of the city’s power needs with renewable energy by 2023.

Details of the plan are to be worked out after the vote – including how much the power will cost residents on their monthly bills, as well as when and where the wind and solar farms proposed by contract-winner AEP Energy will be constructed.

The plan would automatically enroll every Columbus residential and small-business owner into a contract to purchase electricity from AEP Energy, a subsidiary of Columbus-based power giant AEP. But anyone dissatisfied with the terms or details can file to opt out of the plan and purchase their power from the many retail suppliers already marketing plans in Ohio….