Will BigWind focus, more on Ohio?

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Uh,Oh, OHIO. BigWind/Solar has faced trouble in other regions of the USA because of ‘congestion’ in the grid. Ohio’s grid owner, PJM, however, says they have plenty of room! Does this mean we will see additional pressures from BigWind/Solar to expand into NW Ohio???? BEWARE, tis Halloween season and the Monsters are about!!…..

…Grid congestion in the Midcontinent Independent System Operator (MISO) region has caused developers to cancel wind and solar projects. Wind and solar developers want ratepayers to pay for the transmission costs to relieve the congestion they are causing on the system…

According to the Energy Information Administration, it costs about $1.3 million per megawatt to install wind turbines. This means a 100 megawatt facility would cost about $130 million. The additional transmission costs of $80 million are over 60 percent of the cost of building the wind turbines. State mandates push developers to build renewable units regardless of costs, and despite massive federal, state, and local subsidies that renewable developers receive, they want to make customers pay for the transmission expenses, instead of paying for them from revenues.

Minnesotans have spent over $15 billion on wind turbines, solar panels, and transmission lines, and electricity prices have increased nearly 30 percent above the national average since 2005 as a result. …

Biden wants this expanded across the country as his “clean energy standard” requires non-carbon electricity by 2035 throughout the United States, a full 10 years earlier than the California standard which has that goal for 2045. As noted by Minnesotans’ experience, the standard will increase electricity prices because perfectly good coal and natural gas generating technologies will need to be prematurely retired to meet the goal. That is equivalent to dismantling your home and building a new one just to meet a standard that the government has imposed upon you. Not many Americans could afford to do so, but Biden will force those changes as he implements his standard….