Are turbines really green?  You probably believe they are because of the propaganda from the green energy movement, but we hope to challenge this thinking.

1. Did you know that the turbines in Van Wert county EACH have approximately 8,000 parts and EACH weighs some 400 tons? Have you ever considered the energy required to produce each machine? What about the concrete? What about the transportation and installation? Each of these tasks produces emissions.

2. Neodymium is a rare earth element mined in Asia that is required for all direct-drive wind energy turbines. Each turbine requires approximately 4500 pounds of it and the mining of it leaves lakes of toxic waste and sickens villagers. Read more here…

3. Since wind must constantly be “backed up” by other power producers, it requires natural gas and coal plants to “cycle” on/off.  As a result, they produce more emissions, than if they had been running alone. Is it more fuel efficient to drive your car on cruise control -or- cycle between slamming on the brake and accelerator? Read more here, from the country with the largest number of turbines, per capita, on the planet…

4. Are you aware that there is approximately 250 gallons of oil at the top of a wind turbine inside the nacelle? Much like a car, this oil needs to be changed every so many years…by a crane that is brought in and built on site.

5. Did you know that Denmark, which has more turbines per capita than anywhere else on the planet, has not seen a statistically significant reduction in carbon emissions? Between 1990(when turbine frenzy began)-2007, their emissions declined by 0.1%. (source book Power Hungry by Robert Bryce). Interesting, too, is the fact that their electricity rates have tripled over the past 20 years. View our Money tab for more information…

6. The industry will tell us that the machines can be “recycled” after their life ends, but this is simply not true. Read more here,

Let’s quit calling them GREEN, eh?  Hover over the green tab, for more links….