Electric co-op stances

What do our electric companies think about wind energy? It may not be politically correct to disagree with the green movement, but we applaud the few who are bluntly honest.

In Ohio, however, some may be confused by Honda’s support of wind energy, knowing the poor performance rates of turbines. You should know that Honda is part of co-op that is ‘exempt’ from paying for the renewable energy riders. So, they honestly don’t care if Ohio mandates the purchase of renewable energy…it won’t affect them. This is a company that gets to have their cake and eat it too (and look ‘green’ in the public eye)!

Hover over the tab at top for a link to articles from the Ohio rural electric coop (and Kansas) and read below from the MidWest Ohio cooperative website:

Markus Bryant, general manager of Lorain-Medina Electric Cooperative in northern Ohio, recently published a series of columns called “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” which look at the myths and realities of renewable energy. The columns are very insightful and logically presented:

~/Emperor 1 Evaluating Energy Policy Choices.pdf

Emperor 2 The Uncertainties of Science.pdf

Emperor 3 Power shortage on the horizon.pdf

Emperor 4 SOS to Congress.pdf

Emperor 5 Betting on Energy Technology.pdf

Emperor 6 The Allure of Wind Power.pdf

Emperor 7 Wind Economics.pdf

Emperor 8 Wind Feasibility.pdf

Emperor 9 Subsidies.pdf

Emperor 10 Running the Numbers.pdf

Emperor 11 Political Process.pdf

Emperor 12 EPA Regulations.pdf

Emperor 13 Real Electricity.pdf

Emperor 14 The Other Solar Energy.pdf

Emperor 15 EPA regulates economy.pdf

Emperor 16 Weasel Words.pdf

Emperor 17 Environmental vs Business Risk.pdf

Emperor 18 Congress Reality Check.pdf

Emperor 19 Fueling the economy.pdf

Emperor 20 Fueling Agriculture.pdf

Emperor 21 UN.pdf

Additional Resources

A research paper, A Rational Look at Renewable Energy: The Implications of Intermittent Power, Rational Look at Renewables.pdf