Are there heath risks associated with living near large wind energy turbines? Absolutely! Please “hover” your pointer over the Noise/Health tab, for video links and other articles.

Maybe you have driven near an area windfarm and you “doubt” the claims that there are noise issues, but when is the last time you visited them at night? Have you ever heard the blades “yaw” (rotate to get more wind)? Many know that sleepless nights can be debilitating, but did you know that wind energy turbines produce most of their energy (and noise) at night?   Additionally, there are residents in NW Ohio suffering from sleep depravation and other health issues, due to low frequency noise.  Many suffering are silent, though, because they have signed leases or good neighbor agreements.  Did you know that if you sign a wind energy lease or a good neighbor agreement that you are probably prohibitted from speaking against the development? Did you know, that in some cases, you are then required to speak in favor of the development at public meetings/hearings? Watch this youtube video for a great summary of potential problems:

Princeton/MIT graduate critiques a well-known wind impact study.

below from Ada, OHIO

The impact of wind turbines
Editor’s Note: This first letter to the Ada Village Council from Carl Wilkerson of Ada was printed in the Ada Herald on March 10.
To the editor:
It has now been almost two years since I first complained of the noise from the wind turbine sited at the Ada Schools. Its constant grinding has again wakened me from sleep by vibrating the windows in my house.
I kept records at the mayor’s request as to when this type of thing was happening. Nothing was ever done about it. I was told that a woman from LaFayette was on top of this problem and the one at ONU that has never worked. It would be taken care of soon.
I was told by the mayor to report the noise to the police department when I heard it. I have done so on many occasions and still nothing has happened. A year later nothing has happened. The one at ONU is still not working. The one at the school is still grinding.
We were told that these turbines would be removed if they did not function or operate efficiently. They do neither and are still here. If the one out my back door is not going to be fixed can you at least get it turned off?
The mayor has heard it and walked away. School officials have heard it and walked away. The police have heard it and walked away. The lady from LaFayette that was on top of it never showed up.
I would like to see the city council do something about this problem. We will see if you walk away or never show up….

I would like to add the following to an editorial for the Kenton Times. Several Ada residents asked that I send it along to the Kenton Times because of the problems they will be having if the Logan and Hardin County commissioners allow nearly 200 turbines be built by British companies with free U.S. government funds and needless local tax abatements.
The catch is this. These turbines are twice the size of the ones in Ada (nearly 500 feet tall) and will affect all the properties east of Indian Lake to west of the Kenton airport and from State Route 67 to several miles south of Belle Center.
Nearly every home in that area will be in range of shadow flicker from those huge blades. The value of the properties will drop by about 35 percent. If and after they are constructed your recourse will be nothing. Just as it is in Ada.
When these turbines break down or stop producing at over 125 percent of what you can buy electricity for off the grid they will be abandoned and left for you to deal with. These people will declare bankruptcy, reorganize and go visit another sent of county commissioners.
Sadly, only the Logan County commissioners can save you now. Hardin County’s sold out a couple of years ago and don’t seem inclined to correct their mistake. After they get these 200 wind turbines up they will be back for more like hogs to the trough.
Enjoy the mess and flicker and noise! Maybe when the value of your property does down the county will lower your taxes.
Carl Wilkerson