“Noncompetitive” BigWind can mock the taxpayer, again

The US taxpayer has given the BigWindustry an amazing Christmas bonus now for almost 40 years. Congress is filled with wimps and liars. The President, although he has many accomplishments, should be ashamed that this deal was allowed to continue. The renewable industry mocks us, laughs at us, attacks us, and then we give them … Continue reading “Noncompetitive” BigWind can mock the taxpayer, again

BigWind seeks to ‘silence’ Ohioans

"What Susan Munroe and the Ohio Chamber of Commerce have in common is that they both represent a big business intent on transforming entire communities from agricultural/residential to heavy industrial without the consent of the local citizens. No other form of development transforms such large portions of local areas, 250 square miles and tens of … Continue reading BigWind seeks to ‘silence’ Ohioans

BigWind WILL die, and then new problems begin

We have blogged about this before.  In order to build a turbine, there are hundred of gallons of oil, toxic chemicals, concrete, steel, etc. that is generated.  Turbines do not last forever and certainly, they do not last anywhere near that of a traditional nuclear or coal facility. What happens then? Recycled? NOPE, well maybe … Continue reading BigWind WILL die, and then new problems begin

Ohio BigWind COLLAPSE halts traffic

Yet another example of WHY current Ohio BigWind setbacks are NOT safe for the public, particularly our schools filled with children. Unfortunately, some politicians prefer to listen to the $$ that BigWind waves (obtained via our taxpayer subsidies), rather than the constituents that reside amongst these industrial monsters..... Roads in the harbor opened again on Friday … Continue reading Ohio BigWind COLLAPSE halts traffic

Could BigWind affect the Quality of Your life? Hmm…

Do you wonder if it is really true that BigWind could impact your quality of life? Aren't most noise and infrasound claims 'overstated' and 'exaggerated'?? Well, for those of us in Ohio, we don't have to look far for the truth. Van Wert citizens made it VERY clear to local and state politicians that BigWind HAS … Continue reading Could BigWind affect the Quality of Your life? Hmm…

BigWind needs MORE subsidies$$$!!!

  Dejavue', BigWind wants more free money. That's right, more of OUR money. $100B over 30 years has not been enough. Will this child every grow up and move out of mommy's house? Nope. As explained below, the industry is addicted to our subsidies like people are to heroin..... Last week the lobbying arm of … Continue reading BigWind needs MORE subsidies$$$!!!

What do Blackouts and BigWind have in common?

More than you think! As BigWind increases its presence, on our electrical grid, so do the blackouts. Why? Read below to learn how this nightmare is becoming more of a reality... It is too often assumed that making maximum use of renewables is the answer to addressing environmental goals.  So easy is it to buy … Continue reading What do Blackouts and BigWind have in common?

Say NO to Shayne Thomas (BigWind friend) for the Ohio house

https://youtu.be/hJ50LapkfGc PLEASE ask Ohio legislators to NOT ENDORSE SHAYNE THOMAS for his bid to run for the 88th district. Please both call and email the Speaker of the Ohio House, Larry Householder. Shayne Thomas is seeking key endorsements from legislators at the state level in a bid to fill the seat of Bill Reineke 88th District Representative. If Shayne … Continue reading Say NO to Shayne Thomas (BigWind friend) for the Ohio house

Why BigWind DOESN’T work

Unfortunately, the Climate enthusiasts and BigWind have successfully persuaded a lot of the American public that Wind and Solar are Green, Clean, and Free. If only, we had more of it all over America, our climate problems would be solved. WARNING: THIS IS FALSE!  Renewable energy must ALWAYS be backed up with fossil fuels and … Continue reading Why BigWind DOESN’T work

Hey BigWind, OH citizens have the right to HEAR!

Isn't our government supposed to be BY and FOR the people? Then why is it that the people, of Ohio, have a government board, the OPSB (Say Yes to BigWind Board) which is allowed to APPROVE BigWind projects Looooonnnnng before Ohio citizens know anything about it? Case in point is below. Land was leased 10 … Continue reading Hey BigWind, OH citizens have the right to HEAR!

BigWind Halted by Seneca County, Ohio

The Seneca Anti-Wind Union (SAWU) was created by residents who are concerned about the growing number of wind farms popping up throughout their community. The group has been talking to elected officials, gathering research, and growing rapidly. They believe they have just won a significant victory – Seneca Wind withdrew its application for a large … Continue reading BigWind Halted by Seneca County, Ohio

If BigWind gets Higher, we can get closer, right? NO!!

That't right, BigWind is proposing TALLER turbines in the USA...while they lobby, hard in Ohio, for SHORTER safety setbacks! ZERO logic. Additionally, as farmers complain that soil compaction occurs, what will occur as a result of LARGER and HEAVIER equipment on our roads and fields??????...... RECHARGE US developers propose record 207-metre wind turbine height A new … Continue reading If BigWind gets Higher, we can get closer, right? NO!!

Wait,wait! What happened to BigWind being so ‘CHEAP’?

It is amazing that the TRUTH is twisted so well, by the renewable energy advocates and BigWind. The public is blind to it!!!..... Rising electricity prices to come as wind, solar mandates increase By: Guest Opinion August 6, 2019 Matthew Kandrach   California continues to lead the nation in mandating the deployment of wind and solar … Continue reading Wait,wait! What happened to BigWind being so ‘CHEAP’?

BigWind requires ‘magical’ math to make sense in our energy grid

It has been a momentous week in many ways.   Seneca Wind developer, sPower, officially withdrew its application and the OPSB granted the withdrawal on August 15th.  But this is not the first time this ill-fated project has been withdrawn.   In a previous incarnation, Seneca Wind was owned by Exelon who filed a pre-application notice in … Continue reading BigWind requires ‘magical’ math to make sense in our energy grid

Ohio citizens prevail AGAINST BigWind

Seneca County Commissioners voted 2-1, this week, to "withdraw all previous support of the Seneca Wind and Republic Wind or any proposed wind turbine projects to the maximum extent allowed by law." It is a great day to celebrate our fellow warriors in Seneca County.   sPower, the Seneca Wind developer, had filed a motion … Continue reading Ohio citizens prevail AGAINST BigWind