BigWind doesn’t need a Christmas present!!

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This takes very little of your time to send a message to Congress. Please do not miss this opportunity to give them a piece of your mind…

Congress is once again working on a tax extenders plan that includes a multi-year extension of the wind Production Tax Credit (PTC).

This tax credit, which expired last year, is a massive handout to large corporations to build and operate industrial wind facilities.

But you can help stop it by contacting your Republican leadership today!

The subsidy is so large that a two-year extension alone could transfer $10 billion over the next decade from taxpayers to the companies who get the credit.

And many of the largest PTC recipients are foreign-owned energy conglomerates that have grown accustomed to handouts.

With subsidies drying up abroad, they’re turning to U.S. taxpayers to keep the spigot open.

Should Congress move forward with this deal, it will come as an early Christmas present to large, multinational corporations like GE at the expense of taxpayers everywhere.

This is why we must act now to stop Congress from extending this costly taxpayer-funded subsidy for the wind industry.

And you can take action right now by sending an email to your Republican leadership today! (click the link below)

Together, we will make it clear to our elected officials in Congress that they either stand on principle, and with the American people, or with industrial wind lobbyists and President Obama.

Thank you for your support!


Tom Pyle
President of the American Energy Alliance

Source: Stand Against Corporate Welfare

BigWind LOVES Tax Day in America!

Fed subsidies to BigWind13


The wind industry often peddles the false claim that conventional energy sources like natural gas, coal, and nuclear receive more subsidies than wind power. Industry lobbyists at the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) use this myth as a talking point to push for more subsidies, including the federal Production Tax Credit. In reality, the exact opposite is true—wind energy requires massive subsidies to compete with conventional fuels—and new data (once again) prove it.

Recently, the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) released a new report on federal energy subsidies. An analysis of EIA’s data by the Institute for Energy Research found that despite the wind lobby’s claims, wind energy is by far the most heavily subsidized fuel source, receiving more subsidies to produce less energy than conventional fuels. Moreover, even the data AWEA cites to bolster its case shows that wind is a bad deal for taxpayers….

On Tax Day, Big Wind Gets A Windfall – American Energy Alliance.