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Hey BigWind, OH citizens have the right to HEAR!

Isn't our government supposed to be BY and FOR the people? Then why is it that the people, of Ohio, have a government board, the OPSB (Say Yes to BigWind Board) which is allowed to APPROVE BigWind projects Looooonnnnng before Ohio citizens know anything about it? Case in point is below. Land was leased 10 … Continue reading Hey BigWind, OH citizens have the right to HEAR!

BigWind ‘Spinning’ the TRUTH

The New Year is staring off with gusto!  A must watch video has been produced by the Seneca Anti-Wind Union coalition.  Everyone – we mean everyone should watch this video, share it on your social media, send it to your friends and think about ways your community can activate your neighbors.   Watch https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=pzg8qPOgI7s. Next, educate … Continue reading BigWind ‘Spinning’ the TRUTH

BigWind ‘Bouncers’ make bad neighbors

Nov. 15, I attended the Apex public information meeting for the Firelands Wind LLC-Emerson Creek Project (OPSB case # 18-1607-EL-BGN). These public meetings are required by administrative rules for the Ohio Power Siting Board under OAC 4906-3-03. The meeting had some poster presentations and a map which depicted the locations of 655-foot-tall industrial turbines... At … Continue reading BigWind ‘Bouncers’ make bad neighbors

Is BigWind the ‘greatest’ thing to ever come to Ohio? Sorry, many think NOT

This past week, Sen. Obhof reiterated his feeling that HB 114 to lower the renewable energy and energy efficiency standards and reduce the wind turbine setbacks was not likely to advance given the year-end time crunch and because the changes proposed need “more caucus support”.  “"We have very little time left and, as I've mentioned … Continue reading Is BigWind the ‘greatest’ thing to ever come to Ohio? Sorry, many think NOT

Why do some in Ohio fight against BigWind?

Senate President Larry Obhof surprised the Ohio caucus by naming Senator Steve Wilson (R-Maineville) as Chair of the Senate’s Energy and Natural Resources Committee. Media reports noted “I look forward to Steve’s leadership of this committee,” said Obhof. “He has proven himself a hard-working, thoughtful, solution-oriented leader, and he understands the importance of developing a long-term energy … Continue reading Why do some in Ohio fight against BigWind?

Seneca county, Ohio continues its fight against BigWind

After seeing the information on the proximity of a large number of 650 foot turbines to Seneca East school, and the new World Health Organization concerns about the sound levels that sPower says will be experienced at the school, several people have contacted us about what could be done. We have checked into the issue … Continue reading Seneca county, Ohio continues its fight against BigWind

Ohio residents fighting BigWind

Thank you to The Toledo Blade for covering some realities that the media often ignores, even if a little of the information is wrong. Ohio is NOT a great place for wind turbines. Look at the government wind map on our home page for proof.  Additionally, it is IMPORTANT for you to notice the bold … Continue reading Ohio residents fighting BigWind

BigWind smearing political opponents

In his famous novel, Catch-22, Joseph Heller posits that “Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't after you.”   Indeed. Attached please find samples of BigWind smear mailings.  The first mailer was launched against Seneca County incumbent Commissioner Mike Kerschner who is running for re-election.  Kerschner supports the repeal of the Seneca County Alternative Energy Zone … Continue reading BigWind smearing political opponents

BigWind RELEASES landowners from leases in Ohio!!

Since our excitement (in red) makes this a little difficult to read, here is the letter in its entirety...Citizens for Clear Skies in Van Wert county have been persistent, devoted to truth, and unstoppable. Congratulations!! There is hope for others!! "Commissioners, We have made the difficult decision to conclude our pursuit of the Long Prairie … Continue reading BigWind RELEASES landowners from leases in Ohio!!

Ohio BigWind news is spinning fast

Events are spinning fast in the world of wind.  In just one short week, much occurred in Ohio... Seneca/Sandusky County Apex requested the OPSB hearings on Seneca and Sandusky County’s Republic Wind be postponed while they “amend” their project.   Speculation as to the reason behind the delay and the amendment include uncertainty over the outcome … Continue reading Ohio BigWind news is spinning fast

(Life sucks) In the Shadow of Wind Farms

This is a very comprehensive study, investigating individuals from all over the USA, regarding the negative effects of living in the shadow of BigWind... A six-month GateHouse Media investigation found that wind developers representing some of the world’s biggest energy companies divide communities and disrupt the lives of residents forced to live in the shadow … Continue reading (Life sucks) In the Shadow of Wind Farms

Time to cut through the BigWind bull in Ohio…

Reading below, you would 'think' that the Mercer county engineer did something odd, by notifying county residents that BigWind was, again, prowling in the area. The reality? Apex, which apparently now wants to be called, ACE, SCHEDULED A MEETING WITH THE COUNTY COMMISSIONERS, MID MONTH...ACE has, since this, CANCELLED their meeting.  Their failure to build … Continue reading Time to cut through the BigWind bull in Ohio…

BigWind’s ‘OILY’ secret spills out

Unfortunately, many people are MIS informed about the cleanliness of renewable energy.  Industrial wind turbines are anything BUT clean and green.  In reality, each turbine has thousands of moving parts that must be lubricated with hundreds of gallons of oil.  This oil, much like in your car, must be 'changed' every so often, but how? … Continue reading BigWind’s ‘OILY’ secret spills out

Senator Cliff Hite, why does BigWind always trump my property rights?

Ohio Senator, Cliff Hite, is proposing to reduce the BigWind setback, which is currently 1,125 feet from a property line. BigWind argues 2 points: the setback is too large and it should be from a residence, not a property line.  We have an important question to ask Senator Hite and the industry, "Why should YOUR … Continue reading Senator Cliff Hite, why does BigWind always trump my property rights?