American Corn Growers Fdtn is mesmerized by the illusions of BigWind

How UNfortunate that some do not see beyond the cash being dangled in front of the farmers. BigWind is like an illusionist- they grab your attention with cash, so you don’t see what is really happening. Note the AWEA report that 12,000 MW were added as new US ‘generating capacity’…remember, their REAL electricity production numbers are  probably less than 30% of this number and that energy is NOT reliable, NOT dipatchable when we need it, and NOTaffordable. We have previously blogged about payments (oversees) given to wind companies when their energy can not be used on the grid. This is headed our way, a waste of taxpayer dollars, if we do not quit subsidizing these foreign companies.  Finally, please view the new FARMER tab on our website, to learn facts that many farmers don’t know- but should- before signing long term leases with foreign companies….. 

The American Corn Growers Foundation is advocating wind energy for the rural economy at WINDPOWER 2014 recently, said Dan McGuire, ACGF director.

“2014 is 13 consecutive years that ACGF has participated in the national WINDPOWER conference sponsored by the American Wind Energy Association. As an AWEA member since 2002, ACGF has impacted national wind energy policy in the interest of farmers, landowners and the rural economy. AWEA reports that over 12,000 MW, a record for new U.S. wind project generating capacity was underway at the end of 2013, noting that while the federal wind energy Production Tax Credit was stable from 2005-2012, the wind industry grew 800 percent, installing 90 percent of all U.S. operating wind projects for a total investment of $105 billion.”…

via American Corn Growers Foundation advocates wind energy.

Will Governor Kasich follow the ‘green’ trail to destruction?

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Even though Ohio may not seem important to your local or regional cause, AWEA feels the state of Ohio is PIVOTAL to its future in the US (according to the executive summary of their recently released state of the market report), and with John Kasich having White House aspirations, we need to hold his feet to the fire on this issue NOW. 

There is tremendous pressure from the ‘green’ lobbyists for our Governor to STOP Senate Bill 310. If the bill is revised, we feel it must contain, at a minimum:

1. the elimination of the Unconstitutional in-state mandate for renewable energy;

2.revised setbacks measured from property lines; and

3.change the definition of “renewable” to “clean” energy to include hydro-electricity, natural gas, nuclear, combined heat and power, and other affordable and reliable forms of clean energy.

Our current renewable mandates violate the Commerce Clause of the US Constitution. We hope that Governor Kasich will be a bold, honest politician and speak the truth about this industry and the harm that it will bring to our state in the form of higher electricity rates, health and property problems. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to hear a politician speak the truth??? Wouldn’t it be refreshing to hear a policitican educate the public about what the media will not??? There is a reason that manufacturers have lined up in favor of SB 310- Ohio manufacturing can’t survive if it must continue to pay for expensive renewable mandates!!!!!!! (Well, actually, some like Honda can because their co-ops are ‘exempt’ from paying the fees!)…..

“You can make windmills with cheap, reliable electricity but you can’t make cheap, reliable electricity with windmills.”


BigWind Lobbyists tell us ‘half-truths’

Summer/Winter Wind

The Institute for Energy Research released an analysis of a recent report by the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) on negative pricing and market distortion. AWEA’s report is part of an all-out effort to convince Congress to renew the wind production tax credit (PTC), the wind industry’s lucrative subsidy that expired at the end of 2013. But AWEA’s desperate attempts to revive the PTC rely heavily on misinformation and half-truths. IER’s analysis found:
  • Wind producers are paid the equivalent of $35 per megawatt-hour in PTC subsidies (often as high as the wholesale price itself), so a wind producer taking the PTC can still profit even when they pay the electrical grid to take their electricity—a phenomenon known as “negative pricing”.
  • By encouraging these predatory negative prices in wholesale electricity markets, the PTC wreaks havoc on baseload or “around-the-clock” generation such as nuclear and hydroelectric power.
  • The impacts of market distortion and negative prices are already being felt. Dominion Resources closed its Kewaunee Nuclear Plant in Wisconsin 20 years ahead of schedule, and Entergy announced that it will close its Vermont Yankee Nuclear Plant later this year.
  • Because the PTC hurts zero-emission nuclear power most severely, the subsidy is losing its environmental justification.
  • Energy experts from organizations across the board recognize the destructive impacts of PTC-related market distortions—from the New York Times to non-partisan policy groups to government agencies.

The wind production tax credit enables predatory market distortions that undermine the reliability of America’s power grid and defeat the environmental justifications some have made for keeping the PTC. AWEA’s recent report relies on misleading information to obscure the worrisome long-term effects of the PTC…

To read the full analysis, click on the link below…

To set the record straight, this article addresses some of AWEA’s flawed arguments and glaring omissions. The PTC, while incredibly valuable to owners of wind power facilities, hurts U.S. taxpayers and undermines the economic efficiency and physical reliability of the U.S. power grid….

via Institute for Energy Research | AWEA’s Bold Push for More Wind Welfare.