Ohio has a BigWin against (another) BigWind

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Hallelujiah! Congratulations to the people of Northern Ohio, who have tirelessly fought against BigWind for a very long time. There are still other projects they continue to fight, but this small victory is needed.  In particular, we recognize the wisdom exhibited by their county commissioners to revoke the Alternative Energy Zone, as these are magnets for taxdollarsuckingBigWind projects.  HB 401 and SB 234 are IMPORTANT for residents of Ohio, as they will give YOU, the landowner, the opportunity to consider if YOU believe a BigWind takeover is right/wrong for YOUR area…..

The Seneca Wind project that had been proposed in Seneca County has been suspended by sPower, its parent company, according to an sPower news release. The announcement was made Tuesday…


On Oct. 10, they sent a letter to the Ohio Development Services Agency in Columbus clarifying that Seneca Wind would not be grandfathered under the former AEZ. The project would be considered a new filing because the project has been withdrawn from OPSB consideration.

sPower’s decision to not refile the OPSB application will put the project on hold for an undetermined period, the release said, until next steps are defined by the company…

The release said the project would have provided enough clean energy to power nearly 60,000 homes per year. (bologna! We know this is not true. Their energy is on/off/on/off and must always be backed up by fossil fuels. You must look at the performance of other BigWind in Ohio, represented by the capacity factor- a mere 30ish% of what they claim)It was estimated that this project would have contributed more than $3 million annually (not true either, just ask Texas) to the local economy, the release said…

In a statement, Seneca Anti-Wind Union said, “… We still have multiple projects in our area that we oppose including both the Republic Wind and Emerson Creek Wind projects that are being developed by APEX.

“Going forward, we urge everyone to support Rep. (Bill) Reineke’s work in Columbus to pass HB 401 and SB 234, which are identical bills that would allow for a referendum on wind projects so that all local citizens can have input on such a major change to the fabric of their community,” the organization said. “The current process allows state regulators to make such decisions with no local vote, and that tends to motivate massive opposition.”

For more information on Seneca Wind, visit http://www.senecawind.com.


The Advertiser-Tribune


Ohio Anti BigWind meeting gathers >500

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We are thankful that the Toledo Blade covered this story. It is clear that the crowd against BigWind is much larger and more passionate that the few who support it. OUTSIDE $ and messaging is being poured into this area. Will the OPSB in Columbus, Ohio listen to these residents? MANY times, in the past, we have stated that the OPSB should be renamed ‘SYBW’ Say YES to Big Wind. They have NEVER, EVER said NO to BigWind. The OPSB also did NOT send a representative to this large, informative meeting. Disgusting.  A sincere thank you should also be sent to Rep. Bill Reineke, who was courageous and ATTENDED this meeting. He has chosen to stay informed and really listen to his constituents…Have you told him thank you? His participation in this issue has put his job at risk….We also find it, comical, frankly, that his Democratic opponent “told The Blade she’s an environmentalist who believes Seneca County needs to do more about climate change, but isn’t convinced wind energy is the solution” We doubt she held this opinion, until she saw the grassroots movement and how it continues to grow….

For the second time since May, a grass roots group called the Seneca Anti-Wind Union has drawn 500 (actually counted as 550!!) or more area residents to a rally in opposition of proposals to build commercial-scale wind farms throughout Seneca County and a portion of Sandusky County.

And the latest event beat the drum of private property rights and self-governance as hard as ever.

The Camden Falls Reception & Conference Center was packed Tuesday night with people who came to hear updates on the proposed Seneca Wind and Republic Wind projects. Although negotiations for lease agreements began with property owners as far back as a decade ago, many did not hear details of the projects until last April, event organizers claimed.

The developer behind Seneca Wind, Utah-based sPower, wants to erect up to 85 of the nation’s tallest turbines across five Seneca County townships. Those machines would be 652 feet high – 32 feet higher than the tallest building in Columbus. The only other wind turbines in America that are 650 feet or taller are a few in Texas, Dan Williamson, sPower spokesman, told The Blade before the meeting….


The projects have not been without their fierce supporters, too.

Dozens attended a pro-wind open house in Green Springs, Ohio, last December when industry representatives courted landowners to help support their efforts to reverse what they see as onerous setback rules the Ohio General Assembly passed and Gov. John Kasich signed into law in 2014.

Seneca County Commissioner Shayne Thomas testified before an Ohio Senate committee to roll back those setback rules in June, 2017. The commission, by a 2-1 majority, is officially on record in support of the projects, with Commissioner Holly Stacey previously joining Mr. Thomas in favor of them…

State Rep. Bill Reineke (R., Tiffin) opened Tuesday night’s event by saying the debate over wind energy in that part of northwest Ohio poses a “grave concern about an issue that would transform our lives as we know it.” He said he was speaking about private property rights.

“We are concerned – very concerned – how these wind turbines will change our lives,” Mr. Reineke said. “This is what bothers me the most: The fact we have so many outside interests coming into our area and trying to suggest they know better about how we can live our lives.”…


Toledo Blade