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BigWind overflows LANDFILLs in USA

How many times have you been told that renewable energy is GREEN? Really? Read our home page for a reality check...If this picture doesn't shock you, especially when you read we will put 8,000/yr IN a landfill, then you are braindead.... Indestructible wind turbine blades can't easily be crushed, recycled or repurposed Instead they are hacked … Continue reading BigWind overflows LANDFILLs in USA

Weren’t we told that BigWind was “safe”?

Wasn't an Ohio community recently told that these turbines are "safe"? How far away will one of these things fly in high winds? Additionally, look at the complications of dealing with such a "rare" incident- I guarantee you this- these incidents will become significantly less "rare" as we blanket our farmlands with these industrial machines. … Continue reading Weren’t we told that BigWind was “safe”?