Van Wert, Ohio Turbine BREAKS and throws debris >800 feet!


This blade failure happened Saturday in Van Wert County, Ohio. Second failure here in Van Wert in less then 7 yrs of operation. Here are the significant FACTS about this failure:

This wasn’t a storm incident with high winds and still managed to throw debri over 800’.

The debri from this turbine was thrown past the setback distance that was in place at the time it was installed (7 years ago).

With the new proposed setback distances in Ohio here is how far these turbines will be from your property line.
475’ turbine as shown. 570’
600’ turbine new proposed. 720’

One thing that this failure DIDNT do was throw debris past the current standing setback law of 1000’ to a property line.

Doesn’t take too much common sense here to see that Ohio current setback laws were made to protect the community and if anything need to be lengthened.

Which local news media will get out from under the thumb of the wind industry and post this???

Why would you need insurance if you have a deal with BigWind?

How could such a deal with wonderful clean/green/renewable machine go ary? I thought they were designed to last decades? I thought there would be little, if any, O&M? I thought the taxpayers would foot most of the bill? I thought everyone loved these things? I thought they had lightning arrestors? Thank you to this insurance company for sharing “some” of the risks and for the wonderful videos!….Curious, can a local neighbor get this insurance if they are worried about these things happening next to their home? Can a school purchase this if they are worried a blade could shear and end up in their parking lot- like what happened at Sandusky Perkins, Ohio, TWICE?………

What Could Ever Go Wrong With a Wind Turbine?

Wind turbines are big powerful machines that are built to last, right? Well, would you believe… Heres a collection of photos of destroyed wind turbines: Valentine Provides Superior Insurance for Wind Turbines Worldwide!

via Wind Turbine Catastrophe.