IKEA/APEX BigWind problem causes LIENS to be Filed Against Local Farmers (Illinois)

How is this possible? Isn’t BigWind great for our communities? Isn’t IKEA a great store to shop in? They support renewable energy, so how can that be bad? Your mother probably taught you that if something ‘seems’ too good to be true, then it probably is. The $$$ that rolls into local farmers and communities from BigWind is not free. This $ is our tax dollars, hard at work, being handed to foreign-owned manufacturers, and then they kindly give a few of us, some pocket change, in order to make them appear to care about us and our communities.  This $ will never be enough to save neighbors from sleepless nights and headaches. This $ will never be enough to restore the acreage to its natural, prewind state.  This $ will never be enough to decommission the hundreds of thousands of ‘dead’ turbines that will dot our landscape in the next couple of decades. Farmers now need to realize that this $ may not appear at all and it may now affect their ownership rights and what they may (or may not) be able to pass on to the next generations. APEX is prowling in NW Ohio and now owns leases (formerly BP Wind Energy) that are South of Van Wert, county…

IKEA (the furniture company) and APEX (a wind energy company) failed to make payments to Ambassador Steel Fabrication, LLS from Auburn, Indiana. The failure of IKEA and APEX to make their payments in a timely manner is now causing issues for farmers and other land owners who leased their properties for the project. Below is a link(or click here for names) to the list of names which are found on the documents recorded at the Vermilion County Recorder’s office in Document # 14-09577. This document is a “NOTICE OF SUBCONTRACTORS CLAIM and ILLINOIS MECHANIC’S LIEN CLAIM-LEASEHOLD IMPROVEMENT” For details, please see the lien documents which you can view HERE and HERE.

The lien is for $1.4 million dollars.

If you know somebody on this list, perhaps they would be interested in knowing that their property will have a permanent record of having had this lien filed. Until IKEA/APEX settles this issue and the lien is released, it may be difficult to complete real estate or financial transactions.

A lot of questions arise out of this issue:

–Are ag input loans for fertilizer/seed affected?
–Will real estate transactions such as mortgages, land purchases using existing lien subject property as collateral at risk?
–Will there be legal problems for trustees if the benefactors of the trust learn their land is listed and subjected to a lien collection proceeding?

Before signing agreements to host wind turbines, access roads, or cables, remember that anything can happen. If a wind company fails, does a lien holder have rights to take action against the land owners? This list of  landowners (HERE) should probably review their lease agreements to see if they have a protections in place against complications….

IKEA/APEX Wind Farm Non-payment Causes Liens to be Filed Against Local Farmers – | Illinois Leaks.

BigWind provides ‘fireworks in the fall’ for Benton County, Indiana

Don’t you just love America’s 4th of July celebrations? We do, but not in the middle of a farm field on top of a wind turbine. BP Wind Energy owns this turbine and they have sold their wind business to Apex.  We have blogged, recently, about how Apex now has purchased the wind leases in Southern Van Wert County, Ohio, and they recently met with the county commissioners. Their goal? Blanket the remainder of the county and press toward Allen county, Ohio. Connect the dots, and Ohio could have wind sites rapidly expanding across our lands. Additionally, have you ever heard of fire ‘suppression training’ for turbines? HA! Instead, just grab some popcorn and a blanket to sit and enjoy the show. Why would they burn for 30 minutes or longer? Remember, there are thousands of parts inside a turbine, with up to 200 gallons of oil in the nacelle. Not exactly something that a farmer should want towering over his dry fields ready for harvest…

A wind turbine in Fowler catches fire in Benton County Friday morning. Witnesses report seeing the turbine shooting flames and sparks from its motor….

said BP told him, whenever this happens, crew should secure the area and not attempt to put the fire out…

“We’ve always been told to just stabilize the area and keep everybody away from it,” said Burton. “It was really close to town, about a mile out. You could see it. It just looked like the fourth of July. There were just sparks going everywhere and flames shooting out.”

Firefighters report it took about 30 minutes for the fire to burnout…

via Wind turbine catches fire in Benton County | wlfi.com.  and http://do512blog.files.wordpress.com/2011/05/fireworks-1.jpg

Watch out for the newest BigWind visitor in Ohio, APEX

There has been a somewhat quiet consolidation of wind developments in Ohio and Indiana this year and we are just now beginning to see the bigger picture.  Wind projects in various stages of development across Ohio have been sold to Apex. Below we list what we know thus far.  We will be seeing and hearing more about Apex in the days to come.  Could they have been surprised by the change in property line setbacks and the renewable mandate freeze?    If not, they may become buyers for other projects in Ohio as other developers threaten to leave the state.   Who is Apex?  Our research indicates they are a subsidiary of Greenlight Energy Resources which, in turn, appears to be connected to BP Alternative Energy.  (BP owns leases in Southern VW county and wants to utilize the Spencerville-Elgin railroad to build a transmission line)

It is often difficult to sort through ownership of wind facilities/leases.   In the case of Apex, there seems to have been little publicity.  The “press releases” quoted below are the complete texts we could find.  It seems the announcements may not have even been sent to the media in the areas where the acquired projects are located.  Lack of transparency is nothing new in the world of industrial wind but a new law in Kentucky may begin to change that.  Earlier this year the Kentucky legislature passed a law that requires a wind developer to announce when they intend to work in an area and, in some cases, send letters to property owners advising them of their interest in the area.   We understand that that the public notice must be given before wind leases are signed.  In addition, prior to submitting an application to the state, the local community can request a public meeting to review the proposed application. Remember this company name, as you may hear more about it in Ohio, soon…..


Erie & Huron (Firelands Wind)

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA, March 25, 2014 – Apex Clean Energy has acquired the wind energy assets of Firelands Wind Farm, a subsidiary of juwi Wind. These assets have the potential to support approximately 100 MW of wind energy capacity in Ohio.

Seneca & Huron (Emerson Creek I and Emerson Creek II)

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA, April 18, 2013 – Apex Wind Energy has acquired certain wind development assets from Citizens Wind, L.L.C. These assets have the potential to support approximately 100 MW of capacity in Ohio.    [Ed. Note: We believe this was Exelon’s Seneca Wind]

Van Wert & Mercer (Long Prairie)

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA – May 29, 2014 – Apex Clean Energy has acquired six wind energy development projects from BP Wind Energy, North America, Inc. These projects have the potential to support approximately 710 MW of wind energy capacity in Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Virginia, and Tennessee.

Seneca & Sandusky  (Republic Wind)

CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA, March 27, 2014 – Apex Clean Energy has acquired certain wind energy assets from Nordex USA, Inc. These assets have the potential to support approximately 450 MW of wind energy capacity in Indiana, Ohio, and Kansas.

By going to http://www.apexcleanenergy.com/project-map  you can see more information about the Apex projects.

Apex Wind Energy Inc. engages in the development of wind energy facilities that deliver renewable energy. It provides facility layout, turbulence, wake, development cycle, pre-development, construction contracting, interconnection design, transmission system design, site civil design, systems engineering, geotechnical, turbine selection and procurement, project financing, interconnection agreement, and power purchase agreement services. The company provides its services in Kansas, Colorado, Wyoming, New York, and Texas, as well as in the Netherlands. Apex Wind Energy Inc. was founded in 2008 and is headquartered in Charlottesville, Virginia.Apex Wind Energy Inc. operates as a subsidiary of Greenlight Energy Resources, Inc.

Greenlight Energy Resources, Inc., through its subsidiaries, produces clean energy and fuels from renewable sources. It develops, builds, owns, and operates biofuel facilities, solar energy facilities, wind energy facilities, and utility-scale wind energy development projects. Greenlight Energy Resources, Inc. was formerly known as Greenlight Energy, Inc. and changed its name to Greenlight Energy Resources, Inc. in 2006. The company was founded in 2000 and is based in Charlottesville, Virginia. It has offices/locations/projects in Charlottesville, Virginia; Columbia and Anne, Maryland; Laurens County, South Carolina; Beaumont, Kansas; Grover, Colorado; San Juan Capistrano, California; Kingston, Canada; and Corvallis, Oregon. As of August 15, 2006, Greenlight Energy, Inc. operates as a subsidiary of BP Alternative Energy.

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