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Renewables muddle OH politics

This issue will review the political landscape in Washington, D.C. and Ohio.  One thing is certain: BigWind and BigSun are thrilled with a Biden Presidency. There are a number of excellent articles in this issue, especially those by Robert Bryce and Michael Shellenberger who give us a bit of the bigger picture and why renewables … Continue reading Renewables muddle OH politics

BigWind tactics: Will OHIO fall for this–again??

Dejavue'?? Remember, this prior to Obamacare passed? We guess that BigWind has taken this tactic out of the Democratic playbook. And, why not? Despite flaws and skyrocketing medical costs, Mrs. Pelosi has kept her job and her multimillion dollar lifestyle. Truly astounding! PARTICULARLY with California experiencing rolling blackouts because they have too many renewables on … Continue reading BigWind tactics: Will OHIO fall for this–again??